Week 33:  down 2.5 pounds (-26.5 pounds total!)

Oy!  Kids, HMD’ers, I cannot tell a lie - Her Hotness is hurting, hurting something fierce. Hot Man Tyson Beckford I’m hung!  I am already late for work and am willing to give my first born to anyone who brings me a freaking cup of coffee!!  (I haven’t any milk in the house and I only take my coffee like I take my men - light and sweet)  Yesterday was beautiful here in SoCal, and I was a model Hot Man Dieteer for the first half of it - went for a long walk in the early morn with a good friend, went for a long bike ride near the beach with two other good peeps, met up with a few more kids at one of our fave Venice spots to watch the Giants beat Tony Romo and Co., had a self-imposed 7 pm curfew so I could get home and be a responsible adult for a few pre-workweek hours, told myself I’d stick to two beers minimum, all that good stuff.

Yeah right!

You don’t wanna know the deets (and I can barely remember them), but suffice it to say Venice was teeming with Hot Manspirations galore and I was unable to pull myself away from the allure of the ever-present Hotness…also, I just have to admit that I’m a certified freaking party girl and I REFUSE to voluntarily remove myself from the good times, good times…because let’s face it - what good is sitting alone in your room?  Why don’t we go and hear the music play?  ‘Cause life is a cabaret, people, and I will never leave the cabaret!!!

Hot Manspiration of the Week:  Tyson Beckford.  Jesus, he’s Hot.  I need some aspirin.   

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  1. miss gee Says:

    No shame in being a guzzler, boo. Who doesn’t cuddle up to the red-eye once in a while? And indeed, you were doing such research. Do you not think Madame Curie met a wee hour or two with a twinge of regret and a bottle of hooch?

    (That said, go to bed at once, you giddy thing! You kids and your parties…)

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