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Happy Hot New Year!! Posted by Leah

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Hot Man Diet, the 2008 edition!!  I hope this entry finds ya’ll happy, healthy and not too hungover.  I myself am delighted to be all of the above…the latter is a particular accomplishment, as I consumed MUCH bubbly last night.  (Aahh, champagne…elixir of the gods…liquid diamond…class in a glass…sigh…) 

So, I totally had an entry all prepped and ready to go yesterday when my life kind of erupted into crazy busy-ness, and I couldn’t find time to make the finishing touches in order to post the damn thing.  Thank goodness for that, because it was a snorer!  Ya’ll know I’m not afraid to call a spade a spade, and this spade says that particular piece of “writing” was a craptacular mess, all earnest resolution and introspective hoo haa.  Last night, maybe four bubblies in, I decided that this was not the time for such heartfelt emoting.  Let’s start this year the HMD way - instead of heartfelt, I say we go Hotfelt!!!

You with me?

This is a new year.  We have new goals, new resolutions, new gifts, new debt, new everything.  For myself, I know I’ve got some serious shite to do asap!  So how, HOW could I send you all out into this new world without some serious HOT MANSPIRATION?!?!?  I cannot!  Her Hotness would not be doing her job, she would be forsaking her name and lot in life (you want Hot, I provide Hot…it’s that simple!)  No, my beauties, no.  I would never be so cruel as to deny you of needed Manjoyment.  I’ve scanned the archives and carefully selected the best pics from 2007 to help us kick off 2008.  Here we go…let’s bring out the Hotness!

Aahh, Brad Pitt.  You’re here for my grandmother, who thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread or Carey Grant, depending on when you axe her.  Oh, and you’re also here cause you’re Hot!  I cannot deny it, I cannot ignore it, I shall simply Manjoy it.

Hot Man Brad Pitt

 Simon Baker in all his glory…what care I for food when there is such a Hot Man in this world?!

Hot Man Simon Baker

I drool over this pic.  I’ve hauled it out a few times because of it’s exceptional ability to Manspire me.  Paul effing Walker.  The Man I Shouldn’t Love But Still Totally Love Because He’s Ridonkulously Gee-orgeous!  (You know, I think if Paul Walker ever met me he’d sock me in the face for all the grief I’ve given him…NOTE TO PAUL WALKER - If’n you meet me please don’t hit me!  I adore you!  I cannot help it.  I am at your mercy…just be kind…and then maybe we can go make out in a corner somewhere?)

Hot Man Paul Walker

What, arms?  What did you say, arms?  You’re speaking to me, I can totally tell, but please speak louder.  Taye Diggs, your arms are talking to me!  Tell them to come closer so that I can feel, I mean hear them better!  I need them to come here now and wrap tightly around me so that we can touch, I mean talk!  Now!  Arms of Taye Diggs, come here now!

Hot Man Taye Diggs

Shit!  Now I’ve got an entire chestal region talking to me!  Boris Kodjoe, it should be illegal for you to be naked.  Unless you’re with me.  I’m cereal. 

Hot Man Boris Kodjoe

A classic Matty Mc pic.  Another one I’ve hauled out for repeated Manjoyment.  Sexy.  Hot!

Hot Man Matthew McConaughey

And last, but clearly not least…The Discovery of 2007…the best gift I got all year (save for that Target gift card, which rocks my world!)…a brand new piece of Manificence…the Hot Man to whom all other Hot Men are now compared…my favorite Hot Pic of 2007 - Gerard Butler.   

 Hot Man Gerard Butler

There are no words.  There are simply no words.  There is only Manspiration.  2008 is gonna be great!

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  1. miss gee Says:

    A note: Her Hotness brought her fine self eastward for the holidays. Mine eyes saw her in our hometown. Mine eyes saw her in NYC. Mine eyes saw her looking lovely and fabulous. Witnesses abound, polls confirm: Girl’s got it goin’ on.

    If she stopped in Iowa on her way back to California, I suspect she could have stolen some votes from Clinton & Obama.

    Hotness happens where ere she treads…

    Happy New Year, HH!

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