Oct 08
Damn Yankees Posted by Leah

Week 19:  down .5 pounds (-18 pounds total!)

Hello to all ya’ll out there in HMD land.  I hope this Monday finds you happy, healthy and Hot!  I myself am unable to eat due to nerves, as my Yanks are battling for their life as I write this.  I have turned the t.v. off to concentrate on the Hotness, but I apologize if my mind wanders a bit…


This is when commitment sucks.  When the going gets rough, when times are hard, when good teams go bad!  Ah, the good old days, when I had no commitment to anything or anyone.  I grew up in the heart of Penn State football mania, but that took no effect.  By all geographical rights I should be a Steelers or Phillies fan, but they neither of them were of any interest to me.  I went to college in Atlanta during the height of the Braves heyday, even had a freshman roomie who listened to games on the radio whilst doing her homework, and I remained untouched and uninvolved.  It was easy.  Life was simple. 

(I just turned the t.v. back on…I can’t stand watching and I can’t stand NOT watching!)

But here’s the rub - for as much as this SUCKS right now, for as much as I want to vomit and ring their effing necks and scream and shout, I WILL watch them until the end, be it today or Wednesday or two weeks from now.  Why?  Because with the bad comes the good, and the good is SO very good.  Because to remain untouched is to go against the core of human nature.  Because commitment oftentimes brings out the best in us - grit, determination, resolve, fortitude.  And a life lived without these things is a life not lived.  

Hmm…are we just talking about baseball here?  Could I possibly be commenting on the rest of my life?  Maybe I am…but that’s a whole ‘nother Oprah. 

(Besides, the score is 6 -1 Cleveland and I haven’t a lick of alcohol in the house with which to drown my sorrowswhy God, why?!?!?)

And so…I sit.  I watch.  I clap.  I cry.  My hope remains strong, my fanity undiminished, my love unwavering, my stomach in KNOTS.  This is life, is it not?  Guts and glory.  Wins and losses.  Here we go Yankees, here we go.

Hot Man Christian BaleHot Manspiration of the Week:  Man, I need some SERIOUS Hotness right now!  A spot of Manificence to bring me some happiness in this dire hour.  A hearty, hearty thanks to my friend Val for bringing up Christian Bale.  I say ”bring up” but let’s be honest - it wasn’t nearly that polite.  She DEMANDED I include him.  She has been screaming his name since I started HMD.  Quite frankly, it has been cruel of me to ignore her for so long.  I mean, how could I NOT include him?!?  Christian Bale is unbelievably talented and undeniably good-looking…and don’t even get me STARTED on that body!  Yes, that was him all lathered up in this morning’s quickie entry (see below), and I have still two more pics of him to include right now andHot Man Christian Bale there are plenty of other RIDICULOUSLY HOT pictures of him that I haven’t included.  My Christian Bale cup runneth over, as he becomes the very first Hot Manspiration of the Week to receive such photographic fawning.  He is his own Trifecta of Hotness, and he comes at just the right time.  Thank you, Christian Bale.  Thank you for being here right when I needed you, thank you for being Hot right when I needed it, THANK YOU!!!

Hot Man Diet Foe of the Week:  The Cleveland Indians (yes, even you Grady Sizemore!).  Damn you and your strong starting pitching and your bugs and your good bullpen and your youth.  DAMN YOU!

*** A special note from Her Hotness ***

The game is over.  The Yankee season is over.  The Joe Torre era is over.  I am over…for now.  On my way to the 7-Eleven for a beer and something sweet.  Yeah, you heard me right - A BEER AND SOMETHING SWEET!  Yes, I know that they are just a team of highly paid men who have no idea who in the hell I am, and I’ve certainly lived through this in the past, and tomorrow is another day and yadda, yadda, yadda…but so help my God, right now I just need a beer and something sweet.  And then…I’ll move on…

Bye Joe!  I’ll miss you!


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  1. miss gee Says:

    For such a hot, muggy night in New York City; for such a field full of very hot Bombers, I feel cold. So cold.

    I love you, Joe Torre. I love you, Yankees. I love you anyhoo.

    Val, good choice. HH, faint not, fight on, tomorrow comes the song.

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