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This month’s HMD R & D is bought to you by men’s facial hair (see pics below) and by margaritas, one of which I am enjoying right now!  Yes, it is Friday evening and I love ya’ll SO much that I have forsaken my social life and confined myself to the squalor of my apartment just to bring you some Hotness.  (And I even had some good hair going today, too…I hope you appreciate this!)  Let’s see what yummy goodness we have going this month…

All three of our requests come from some of my best gals in the Los Angeles area.  They are three of my fave Hot Man Dieteers, loyal, attentive and, most importantly, PATIENT, as each of these requests was given to Her Hotness months ago!  Ladies - I am so sorry I made you wait soooo long!  One should never have to wait for Hotness.  To thank you for your perserverance, I have included not one, but TWO pics of your HMD R & D!  Talk about doubling your pleasure…it is time for some Hotness squared!

Hot Man Gael Garcia BernalFor A. in Venice, we have Gael Garcia Bernal.  In fact, A. immediately requested Gael the second she heard of my intentions to do requests and dedications.  It is easy to see why.  Holy moly, look at those eyes.  The color of honey mixed with money, they are absolutely mesmerizing.  Her Hotness has a soft spot for dark men with light eyes (see Derek Jeter), and this one doesn’t disappoint.  Chiseled face, gorgeous skin, and utterly kissable lips that erupt into the brightest of bright smiles…aaahhhh.  Add to that his active participation in a number of social causes and his unwavering commitment to Mexican cinema (when Hollywood would gladly turn him into Antonio Banderas, Part Dos), and you have the kind of thoughtful, principled man that turns Hotness on its head - he’s the thinking woman’s heartthrob (just ask Natalie Portman…she still hasn’t recovered from this ’un).   Have you seen Y tu mamá Hot Man Gael Garcia Bernaltambién?  If the answer is no, then immediately get thee to a place where movies are rented or sold and rent or buy it, for it is BRILLIANT!  Add to that Amores Perros, The Motorcycle Diaries and El Crimen del padre Amaro and you have the best Mexican (s)export since Salma Hayek (who used to be my standard “If I had to do a woman…” woman.  My latest choice - Shakira.  Have you SEEN what she can do with her abs?!  She is my hero!).  Gael Garcia Bernal, congratulations.  You are A.’s Hot Manspiration of the month!

If I didn’t include this next gent this month I would have lost a friend(and probably gotten Hot Man Ryan Goslinga black eye).  My friend T. in Long Beach is madly, passionately, full throttle in L-O-V-E (or should I say L-U-S-T?) with Ryan Gosling.  I think her thing for him started pre-The Notebook, but that movie only solidified his place in her heart.  Who can blame her?  Homeboy is good-looking!  He even makes scruffy work for him - it makes him manlier.  While I personally am NOT a fan of The Notebook (although I have had to add and re-add it to my grandmother’s Netflix list a gajillion times, she falls over herself for that movie!), I am a huge fan of the rest of Ryan’s work (see Back on Track!).  Like Mr. Bernal before him, Ryan Gosling makes some interesting, quirky, gutty movie choices (The Believer, which is also brilliant!), especially considering that his good looks could make him a helluva lot more money were he to pimp them out to the Fantastic Four or some other such nonsense.  My one quibble - it was very hard to find Hot Man Ryan GoslingHot pics of Mr. Gosling sans cigarette.  Her Hotness would like you all to know that Hot Man Diet is following in the well-shod footsteps of this season’s America’s Next Top Model and is staunchly anti-smoking!  Thank you, Tyra Banks, for showing me the way.  I have always felt that the one thing bringing down your (largely) uneducated, emaciated contestants was the fact that they smoked!  Now I can be free to worship them all, as I wait with baited breath to find out who will be America’s…next……top………….model.  (P.S.  All of my snarkiness will gladly go out the window if anyone knows Tyra or can get me on her show to talk about Hot Man Diet.  Cereally, I do love that ANTM!  It is SUCH a relief to finally know how to smile with my eyes!  Thank God for you, Tyra Banks!) 

One last note on ANTM and then I should probably get back to slobbering over Ryan Gosling - I totally hope that stripper from Jersey wins.  Okay, let’s get back to Hotness…

Ryan, you’re Hot.  Don’t change.  Except the smoking. 

Hot Man Keanu ReevesLast but never least, we have the senior member of this Tour de Hotness - Keanu Reeves.  He’s here at the behest of my pal H. in Venice, who has been axing for him forever.  Now, I know that a good number of people out there do not think that Mr. Reeves is the best of actors.  His “whoa”s have been made fun of, his line delivery has been vilified by many, his occasionaly wooden demeanor has turned some off.  I’m not one of them.  I am an unabashedly huge fan of Keanu Reeves.  I have loved him since Bill and Ted took the San Dimas mall by storm.  I have loved him since he had bad hair and dated Martha Plimpton in Parenthood (side note - can anyone explain the late 80’s fascination with Martha freaking Plimpton?!  Seriously, I DON’T GET IT!  I’m busting my hump over here to lose 20 pounds and up the Hotness factor of the men I Hot Man Keanu Reevessnag and SHE gets Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix??!?!?!?!!!  GET OUTTA HERE!  I call bulls*t!)  You name it, I found something Hot about Keanu Reeves in it - the wetsuit in Point Break, the haircut and muscles in Speed, the clean shaven cougar-chasing in Something’s Gotta Give, the rippled physique in The Matrix.  But I must admit, The Lake House did me in.  He’s older now, grown into his body, into his bulk, his face not so much pretty as it now is handsome.  I thought he was just sexy as hell in that movie, so much so that I have added and re-added it to MY Netflix list a gajillion times.  Keanu - it has been our extreme pleasure to watch you morph from pretty boy to Hot Man.  Whoa, indeed.

 This wraps up another Hot Man Diet Requests and Dedications!  Don’t forget to check back EVERY MONDAY for my Weekly Speak.  I’ll see ya’ll then.  Have a great weekend!  


3 Responses

  1. sasefina Says:

    I love Keanu Reeves. Had not heard good things about the Lake House, but now maybe I’ll check it out. Keep up the good work.

  2. hiwa Says:

    YES!!! i love him! and i love you leah for his hotness in all it’s glory!
    he’s beautiful in his earnestness and willingness and hapiness…

  3. miss gee Says:

    Three words: Johnny. Utah. Forever.

    Excellent post - the LA ladies have fine tastes!

    HH, regarding your tale of a not-so-engaging conversation at the festival last week, I find it hard to believe, for you are nothing if not always engaging. Do not try to convince me otherwise, dearest - my ears will be quite deaf to any such chatter.

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