Sep 17
A Hot Man Diet Homecoming Posted by Leah

Hey ya’ll!!  Today’s Weekly Speak is coming to you live from Harrisburg, PA, Her Hotness’ hometown.  I couldn’t tell you guys about my mini-break because I came home to attend a surprise retirement party for my mother, an avid HMD reader.  Needless to say, the surprise went off without a hitch and a WONDERFUL time was had by all!  It was the best non-drinking party I’ve been to since my sweet sixteen (which was good times!).

Due to my trip, I will not be weighing in this week.  My mom’s scale is crazy weird - I don’t wanna even go there.  It is also impossible to write anything of note when one is surrounded by family…add to that the fact that mine is PARTICULARLY loud.  (As I write this we are watching the umpteenth episode of Law and Order of the day and furiously debating the relevance of Flavor of Love.)   The last excuse I will offer is that my mother, are you ready for this?, my mother has a dial-up connection(!!) which makes blogging an exercise in patience, patience I don’t have. 

Also, I could really use a glass of wine (there is no drinking in my mom’s house).  Oy!

Anyhoo, I will be back in LaLaLand Wednesday evening and will be back for good next Monday morning.  I will try, try, TRY to holler at ya’ll before the weekend.  In any event, I can assure you that the next few weeks will be Hotness Overload!  Get ready kids…there’s SO MUCH Hotness to come!

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  1. miss gee Says:

    happy harrisburg greetings. go derek jeter. go.

  2. Hot Man Diet » Blog Archive » P.S. I Hot You Says:

    […] on this week.  Enjoy me anytime!  (Except this Thursday…avid HMD’ers may recall that my mother has a dial up connection, which renders Her Hotness impotent in Pennsylvania…ooh, that’d make a fun bumper […]

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