Sep 10

Week 15: down 1.5 pounds

Down 20 pounds TOTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!  I am as happy as a pea in a pod, for I have finally achieved my first “milestone” weight loss.  As anyone who has ever attempted to lose a lot of weight knows, baby steps are VERY important.  Equally important - celebrating the many mini-milestones that we hit on the road to Hotness.  From the beginning, twenty pounds was always the first goal I was working towards, albeit quietly (one needn’t divulge everything, right?).  Now that I’m here, we’re going to (in the esteemed words of Kool and the Gang):

Celebrate good times, come on!   

There’s a party goin’ on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years
So bring your good times, and your laughter, too
I’m gonna celebrate some Hotness with you!

There is ABSOLUTELY no way I would have gotten here without my Hot Manspirations of the Week.  Each has allowed me to borrow a bit of their shining glory, each has allowed me a little piece of their place in the sun, and each continues to provide necessary Manjoyment.  No celebration would be complete without honoring them and their wonderful, amazing, inspirational, unyielding HOTNESS!!  Ladies and Gentleman, a salute to my Hot Manspirations of the Week - The First Twenty Pounds:

The Original Trifecta of Hotness - Derek Jeter

Hot Man Derek Jeter

George Clooney

Hot Man George Clooney

Daniel Craig

Hot Man Daniel Craig

 …And all the rest (in order of appearance):

Grady Sizemore

Hot Man Grady Sizemore

Nathan Fillion

Hot Man Nathan Fillion


Hot Man Common

Mos Def

Hot Man Mos Def

Simon Baker

Hot Man Simon Baker

Matthew McConaughey

Hot Man Matthew McConaughey

John Stamos

Hot Man John Stamos

Taye Diggs

Hot Man Taye Diggs

Clive Owen

Hot Man Clive Owen

Leonardo DiCaprio

Hot Man Leo DiCaprio

Savion Glover

Hot Man Savion Glover

Kyle Chandler

Hot Man Kyle Chandler

Paul Walker

Hot Man Paul Walker

Gerard Butler

Hot Man Gerard Butler

Alex Rodriguez

Hot Man Alex Rodriguez

Matt Damon

Hot Man Matt Damon

Denzel Washington

Hot Man Denzel Washington

John  F. Kennedy, Jr.

Hot Man John F. Kenndey, Jr.

Will Smith

Hot Man Will Smith

Jake Gyllenhaal

Hot Man Jake Gyllenhaal

Peter Sarsgaard

Hot Man Peter Sarsgaard

Jamie Foxx

Hot Man Jamie Foxx

James Blake

Hot Man James Blake


11 Responses

  1. Muh-Mary Says:

    i love the word manspirations. it is man and inspiration? or man and perspiration?…
    doesn’t matter, cuz both work.

    congrats guuuurrrrllllllll.


  2. miss gee Says:

    congratulations and many squeezes! in the words of john somersby (whom i’m liable to quote randomly and with relish for reasons strange and secret) JUMP AROUND WOMAN! JUMP AROUND! JUMP AROUND! here’s to YOU and all the men you’ve loved before.

  3. Anna Says:

    YEAH!!!! You rock!! And thanks for posting all the hot men in one piping hot post. Made my heart flutter several times.


  4. Bones Rodriguez Says:

    WOWOWOW!!! Congrats!!!
    What’s kept me going is the hotness of BONES RODRIGUEZ…. really makes me wanna look great- because “only Bones tastes as good as Bones feels.”

  5. PorkChop Says:

    Holy Crap indeed!! Twenty glorious pounds lost…Woohoo!! And you achieved that in the midst of SUMMER LEAH and all of her drunken carousing and her good times, good times! That is quite an achievement. So is FALL LEAH now upon us or is Summer Leah still refusing to leave?

  6. Yackee Says:

    dear ms. hot man dieter,
    congratulations! or as one of my clients once told me, baby girl, you spelled it wrong. it’s congradulations.


    where Dom Deluise….and woody allen….and Rich LaSpesa….and Todd Kelm????

  8. AJ Says:

    woo hoo! i am drinking a beer right now in honor of your milestones. congrats!! by the way i keep meaning to request Gael Garcia Bernal… he’s surely good for another 5 pounds.

  9. sasefina Says:

    Congrats, your hotness! You are a true inspiration to us all.

  10. Hot Man Diet » Blog Archive » The Hotness Is Risen Says:

    […] 1.5 pounds (-40.5 pounds total!)  Holy crap!  40 pounds!  I know I made a huge to-do with my first 20 pound loss…perhaps you’re expecting a similar such celebration?  Nah, ‘taint gonna […]

  11. Marcella Says:

    You write very well.

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