Aug 06
The Examination of a Foe Posted by Leah

Week 10: down 0 pounds (-17.5 total!)

HMD’ers, let me tell you - this is one rough morning.  If I manage to make even one insightful observation during this entry, I will be surprised.  I am bummed because of my lack of loss (I know, I know, last week was a big jump down and I can’t expect to do that every week…but still…I am bummed nonetheless).  I am also suffering the ill effects of a mild hangover.  I could blame this rough morning on a lot of HMD Foes past (margaritas, weekends, Hot Bartenders).  I could even blame it on myself and my own lack of discipline and control.  But why do that?  Let’s just put the blame where it truly belongs.  For my current woeful state, I blame SUMMER!

This summer has been a whirlwind of craziness for this SoCal girl.  (I’ve been here five years.  Can I rightly call myself a SoCal girl?)  For various and sundry reasons, my social life has seized upon this most glorious of seasons and has taken off like so many rockets.  June and July were lost in a hazy blur of parties, barbeques, concerts and weddings, and August sits looming ahead, my busy calendar already preying at my weakness and staking its claim on my now weathered liver and empty wallet.  What the eff is going on here?!  When did Reasonable Leah give over to Summer Leah?  And where the hell did this Summer Leah come from, anyway? 

My mother says that when I was very young she was convinced that I would be kidnapped, because whenever someone would say “Leah, do you want to go…”, I would immediately say yes.  The rest of the sentence didn’t matter.  If there was somewhere to go, some fun to be had, I was in like Flynn!  So, perhaps this is simply a character trait that has stumbled into full bloom during this Summer of Fun?  Perhaps the various elements of my life have simply lined up to create a perfect storm of sorts, a Perfect Social Storm - easy job, no major travel plans, wonderfully social friends, close proximity to the beach, discovery of $4 bottles of Prosecco from Trader Joe’s (yum!), increased confidence due to successful weight loss efforts, increased need to meet Hot Men so as to aid in research for Hot Man Diet, etc. 

Do I fight it?  Seriously, do I fight it?  I’ve done nothing this summer to work on my long-term career goals.  (Does anyone know someone who can get me a job on The Daily Show?)  I’ve been THRILLED with the work I’m doing here on HMD, but I’ve done nothing to seriously promote it.  (Does anyone know Oprah?)  I think my bills are getting paid, but I can’t be sure of it.  No one has taken my car away…yet.  My apartment is reaching new heights of disarray (I’m usually very anal about my living space…tee hee…I said ”anal”).    And the fact that I’m able to face the world every morning with clean underwear is a flat-out miracle.  I’ve become Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas, only with less money, less of a problem with the hooch, a strong desire to live and no hookers. 

But on the other hand - I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!!  Why the hell not indulge this one summer of ridiculousness, right?  I’m young, I’m single, I’m getting healthier and stronger in spite of it all and I’m having a freaking blast in the process!  Won’t there be plenty of time in the future to be hard-working and industrious?  Can’t I put off becoming a responsible adult for four more weeks?  Seriously, just until Labor Day?  PLEASEEEEE!!!

Hot Manspirations of the Week:  Well, he did it.  He finally did it.  After two near Hot Man Alex Rodriguezmisses, Alex Rodriguez has finally earned a spot on Hot Man Diet!  How?  By becoming the youngest player ever to reach 500 home runs (and, in doing so, mercifully siphoning off a bit of the Barry Bonds media coverage).  Alex, will you be in pinstripes next year?  Or will you let that evil agent of yours ruin your career…again?  Please, just let me love you.  I want to love you!  Ahh, we must not go there, not now.  Let’s not talk of the future, let’s just enjoy this moment.  Alex Rodriguez, you’re (finally) my Hot Manspiration of the Week!

Also, in the continuing saga of “Why Am I Ashamed to Love Paul Walker?”, Miss Gee, Hot man Jason LewisHMD Fan #1, offers up this pic and advice:  ”This might be considered an alternative version of Paul Walker….. I do not mean to imply that you need to replace your tender lady feelings for Paul …. however, THIS version of Paul Walker (in form of Jason Lewis) doesn’t date Jessicas (he dates Rosarios), he doesn’t do “dude” flicks (he does annoying t.v. shows like Brothers and Sisters), and he is older and therefore just ever-so-slightly better.”  To his defense, Jason Lewis also does wonderful t.v. (I really miss Sex and the City!)  And yes, he is unquestionably Hot.  But better than Paul Walker?  I dunno about that one… 


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  1. Monica Eye Says:

    It’s hot as hell outside, and the only thing that will cool me down is my dedication my friend..Leah-all that stuff we did in Jamaica means nothing to you ha!! where’s the love, where’s the love…sad & lonley in Hoboken, NJ

    Whaa? I was JUST talking about the Jamaica trip yesterday…such good times, good times…but I think you are referring to the pic I promised ye that I was TRYING to save for my next HMD R & D. Here’s a teaser. Hopefully this will tide you over. Love you!!

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