My fellow HMD’ers, I am pleased as punch to announce the public debut of Hot Man Diet!  That’s right, my ‘lil project will now be thrust (tee hee, she said thrust) upon the masses, who will soon know our universal truth - Nothing tastes as good as a Hot Man feels!  Drumroll, please:

Where:  The 59th Annual Catalina Water Ski Race, Long Beach, California

When:  Saturday, July 21st, at the asscrack of dawn (a.k.a around 8 am)

What:  My good friend (and boss) Todd Kelm has ever so graciously agreed, nay, insisted that we put a Hot Man Diet decal on his boat.  When he kicks butt and takes names and wins this race, Hot Man Diet will bask in the warm afterglow of his celebrity.  Also, I’ll be parading around in my very own Hot Man Diet t-shirt, finally using my breasts as God intended…free advertising!!!

HMD Decal #1

HMD Decal #2

If you are in the SoCal area and would like to join in on the fun, please come on down!  We’ll be there all day, cheering Todd on and cruising for Hot Manspirations.  I’m SURE we’ll find some!!

A very special thanks to Todd and Trina Kelm, who have supported me (both literally and figuratively) from day one.  They own and operate two of the finest businesses in Long Beach…and their employees are smoking Hot!  Click here for more information.

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  1. miss gee Says:

    If you’re going to advertise - I can not think of 2 places better suited to promotion and ballyhoo than the side of a speedboat and the front of a gentlewoman’s babydoll tee. Good work! How was it?!

    Sadly lacking in Hot Manspirations…but I believe a few peeps took notice. Hello, any new peeps out there from the Catalina Ski Race?

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