Jul 11
Hottie to the Rescue! Posted by Leah

The following events are real.  No names have been changed to protect the innocent, because no one is innocent.

July 11th, 2007, 8:30 pm (ish) PST

Her Hotness walks out of Old Navy, having just completed her flip-flop exchange, and begins to head towards her car.  Still reeling in disbelief that she actually ordered a salad at a Mexican restaurant, to go with a margarita no less, she felt herself slowly veer off course.  Deep in her heart she knew where she was headed.  At the end of the strip mall stood the Trader Joe’s, its insides overflowing with bottles of wine, chocolates galore, cookies to die for and more sweet treats to tempt the tempted.  I had the SALAD, she told herself.  I’ve eaten so many stinking vegetables today I DESERVE a reward!  I have all weekend to work it off.  What’s one small indiscretion?  Her pace quickened as her resolve weakened, the looming glory of Trader Joe’s seducing her with its promise of forbidden booty. 

Suddenly she stopped.  Turned.  Threw herself into the open storefront in her path.  Barnes and Noble.  Thank God one can’t eat books, she said to herself.  But isn’t there a Starbucks in here that sells pastries?  She looked to her left.  Books.  She looked straight ahead.  More books.  She looked to her right.  Magazines…and Starbucks!  Without a moment’s pause she headed to the right, lazily skimming the magazines as if to trick herself into thinking there was any other reason for her to be there.  And there He was.  On the cover of Interview magazine.  Smile on his face, arm muscles bursting out of his tight tee, a cigar hanging out of his mouth and, what is that, a beer in his hand?  The headline - “The Smokin’est Man Alive?”  and then in a red box with yellow lettering she saw it, the utterly familiar, completely correct word of the year -


There He was.  Standing between Her Hotness and the sweet treats was Daniel Craig!  One of her OTH!  Coming out of nowhere to rescue her from herself!  His Hotness stopped Her Hotness from making what was sure to be a lamentable mistake.  What was supposed to be a trip for a treat turned into a intervention courtesy of Interview

And yeah, she bought the magazine…but not the pastry!

The moral of the story? 

Nothing tastes as good as a Hot Man feels!

Hot Man Daniel Craig

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  1. miss gee Says:

    How very Bondesque of him! What a gent, hero, white knight. Take some credit for yourself, too, though, HH! It takes two to mango (you know, instead of tango….you know, mango being a healthy choice over caloric pastries….well, it was a nice try.)

  2. sasefina Says:


  3. Anna Says:

    Oh Lordy, I am in such a swivet over here b/c of that picture!!!!

    Oh my goodness me.

    Love you, Sugar Pie.


    Love you, too! That pic is the stuff dreams are made of, eh? Sigh…

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