Oct 31
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Week 8: down 1.2 pounds (-9.6 pounds total)

Hey kids! Happy Halloween!!! Are you kids trick and/or treating? Getting all dolled up and going to a party? Or are you rocking out Halloween like the Professor and I are - by turning out the house lights and going out for dinner? I know, I know…we’re such (the Halloween equivalent of) Scrooges. The thing is I really love holidays and I truly love seeing the little kiddies all dressed in their Elsa finest (seriously…are the any girls under the age of 10 NOT going out as Elsa tonight?!) But the Professor and I live in a house that is tucked away behind another house and are unsure of the amount of foot traffic we may or may not receive. And I DO NOT want gobs and gobs of leftover candy tempting me from the pantry these next few weeks. So we’re doing the adult thing and getting the hell outta dodge. Also, I’m not really much of a costume girl. It seems like I would be, right? But I’m just not. My Halloween costumes are usually something like me holding a bag of Lays and then saying “I’m all that and a bag of chips” (Idea courtesy of Annie G, circa 6 years ago. Thanks Ann!) The Professor, however, is a HUGE fan of costumes, big, elaborate ones that put my silly ideas to shame. (For example, last year I was Brian Wilson, relief pitcher for the Dodgers. Yes, I dressed up as this guy:

Brian Wilson

SO RANDOM!! What was I thinking?!?!)

Anyhoo, I hope everyone has a great time tonight! Avoid all that blasted candy as much as possible, and then get your butts to the gym first thing tomorrow morning! I know I will. In fact, the gym is the ONLY reason I lost any bit of weight this week. I don’t know wanna tell you that I had pizza and beer and ice cream Monday night…but I did. Or that i spent Sunday COMPLETELY hungover…but I did. Or that Wednesday I got super hangry (hungry/angry) in the afternoon and took out half a bag of chips…but I did. And yet somehow, someway I managed to tip the scale back in the proper direction. My best guess as to why - the gym!!

The Professor and I work out at our local Y and we love it. I appreciate the fact that I am usually on the younger side of the spectrum in my classes (although both of us could do with less senior nudity in the locker room…it really is a bit much. I understand that once you get to a certain age you just don’t give a f**k, but STILL…I’ve now seen enough nekkid old lady parts to last me a good long while.) I have a strength training class that I attend three times a week and I love it! I rarely miss it and when I do it bums me out. I am also running again, which just kicks my butt but is a huge factor as to why I have lost some of said butt. I just signed up for the Torrance Turkey Trot, a 3 mile “fun run” on Thanksgiving morning, so I have a clear goal in mind with my running program. Although I am a little behind in my training (I got a sick two weekends ago and it put a huge wrench in my schedule). I am supposed to go run as soon as I post this entry and I am dreading it. I understand how good running is for me and I do think it positively affects my weight loss more than any other cardio exercise I can do…but I just don’t like it yet. I am hoping I’ll get there, I am assuming I will get there, but for now it takes all of my come on Leah…you can DO this spirit to get myself on that treadmill.

Come on Leah…you CAN DO THIS!!!

So my weekly workouts consist of a weights class I love and a running program that is not my fave but very challenging. I think that is a good combo. And I think it is working. This week has been the first where I can actually see the difference physically. My jeans are starting to gape in the middle (I always lose weight waist first) and my legs and butt are feeling stronger. My goal going into all of this was to lose 5 pounds a month, which is a very manageable 1.25 pounds a week. It has been two months and I am less than half a pound shy of that goal. I’ll take it!

Well…let me get outta here and get to the gym. Gotta run today. Come on Leah….you can do this…

Hot Manspiration of the Week: The other night I came into the room to find the Professor watching a show called Arrow on Netflix. Although he is very much into comics, he had never actually watched an entire episode and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. After less than a minute, I certainly could see what all the fuss was about. Holy crap! The show stars Stephen Amell and my god is he good looking!!! The show itself, the pilot at least, was engrossing…but who cares??!! Holy crap! This is some serious Hotness going on here. Those arms! That face! THOSE ARMS!! My favorite kind of Halloween Mancandy!


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