Hello HMD’ers!  I hope this special entry finds you happy, healthy and wise.  I am doing pretty well myself, having just gone shopping because my clothes are too big!  Yup, what a fabulous reason to bust out the credit cards.  Fabulous!

I am here to give ya’ll a special pre-4th of July treat.  I aim to send you guys off to barbeque hell (or heaven, let’s be honest here) with an arsenal of Hotness to keep you on track.  To that end, I am proud to present the virgin (tee hee) showing of what will be a monthly feature - Hot Man Diet Requests and Dedications.  This is Hot Manspiration at its finest, because this is where you, HMD’ers, get to choose the featured Hot Men!  Maybe they’ve been featured before but you want a second (closer?, naked-er?) look.  Maybe they’ve never been featured cause they don’t do it for me (I won’t be offended…the less women that like Derek Jeter the better my chances!).  Maybe they’re completely off the beaten path but rock your no-cookie-eating world!  Tell me who you want, and I’ll try my best to give ‘em to ya. Hot Man Ryan Reynolds

This first batch of HMD R & D is pretty Mantacular, if’n I may say so myself.  You guys have great taste in Hot Men.  I may be borrowing some of this Hotness during my weaker moments this weekend, because, everybody repeat after me, nothing tastes as good as a Hot Man feels™!!! 

To start us off we have a pic that’s going out to T. in Long Beach.  She’s been raving about this boy for years.  I never really got it…until now.  Look at that Manificence.  Don’t you want to just…feel him?  Ryan Reynolds, welcome to Hot Man Diet.  You are T.’s Hot Manspiration of the Month!    

Hot Man John MayerOur next HMD Request and Dedication goes out to L. in Brooklyn.  She writes, “May I suggest a John Mayer pic?  I know it’s cheesy, but I love him.”  Rule number one - never apologize for your Hot Manspiration!  Accept him, whoever he is, because if he is enough to make you put down that doughnut that’s all you need!  So for L. in the BK, here is John Mayer, your Hot Manspiration of the Month.  (I acknowledge that the cheese factor is probably courtesy of the ex-Jessica in his life.  I cannot judge, however, as Mr. Jeter has dated several Jessicas.  Even Mr. Reynolds above is said to be dating/have dated a Jessica.  They are EVERYWHERE, those stinking Jessicas.  Apparently Jessica is the new Heather.  Where are Christian Slater and Winona Ryder when  you need them?)

Our last bit o’ Hotness comes at the behest of H. in Lakewood, who fell under the spell of Hot Man Paul Ruddthe seriously adorable Paul Rudd after seeing Knocked Up.  (I must point out that he’s been seriously adorable for some time now, starting with the seriously adorable Clueless.)  He’s the Hot Man that makes you laugh.  And while, everybody repeat after me, nothing tastes as good as a Hot Man feels™, things taste even worse when said Hot Man can also make you roar with laughter.  It’s the thinking woman’s aphrodisiac…well, that and The Daily Show.  Congratulations, Paul Rudd.  You’re H.’s Hot Manspiration of the Month. 

Would you like to see your Hot Manspiration in next month’s HMD Requests and Dedications?  Send your request via email to herhotness@hotmandiet.com

Have a grand weekend!  See you Monday.

4 Responses

  1. H from Lakewood Says:

    I’m eating Cherrios instead of donuts, all because of Paul Rudd staring back at me! Thanks for the Manspiration!

    I’m happy to oblige, my dear!

  2. Miss Gee Says:

    You’re a regular philanthropist. A sugar mommy granting her readers their hearts’ desires. Thank you, Her Hotness. Thank you.

  3. annie Says:

    I just ate a brownie because I am gay.

    Umm, I don’t know what to say to that. I can see how this site would do ABSOLUTELY nothing for you. I do, however, know that you’re also skinny, so pooh on you. Enjoy that brownie, biotch!

    Hows about when I get all Hot I’ll rub my Hot ass on ya?!

  4. catia Says:

    More request here, dedicated to T. in Seattle: please a pict of Gerard Butler! Thanks! catia

    I’m on it, doggone it!

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