Oct 03
TGIF!!!! Posted by Leah

Week 4 (continued): down 4.2 pounds (-6.8 lbs total)

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. It worked. Like, it worked!! Friday is my day, kids. My Monday morning weigh in got all screwed up what with my lady monthliness running slipshod around my nether region AND my mimosa fueled Sunday Funday wrecking a week’s worth of workouts…but I’ll be durned if a few days of relative calm and appropriate choices and continued body sculpture (aka torture) didn’t even the scale…literally. I have lost all that I gained plus an additional 0.8 lbs. Word. I will take it.

And now I have the added delight of going into the weekend on a victorious high! Go me! Despite the fact that my entire body hurts (and it does, my lovely HMD’ers, it hurts so freaking much!!! Everywhere hurts! Parts I didn’t know could hurt very much hurt!! I have been strength training and cycling and running and just pushing myself so hard that yesterday I fell into a small state of physical catatonia. Luckily there was baseball on tv - you know how Her Hotness loves her baseball!! - and the sight of many muscular men - truly baseball players have the best athlete bodies, tall and toned all over and crazy strong arms, LOVE arms! - helped ease my weary limbs through the day) I feel inspired enough to tackle any weekend challenges that come my way. Change is good. This change is good. My body is changing, my professional life is really changing (more on that good news later!!) and I’m feeling good.

Ya’ll have a spectacular, fabulous weekend!! But wait! Before you go I have something for you…

Hot Manspiration of the Week: Went to see This Is Where I Leave You last weekend and while the movie itself was only meh I did enjoy the Hotness that is one Mr. Jason Bateman. Holy cow, has this man aged well!! Even the Professor had to agree that he has done nothing but improve with age. All those years I spent watching Silver Spoons and super-crushing on Ricky Schroeder were a waste!! Who knew the real Hotness was the smart aleck brat on the other side of the screen?! Me likey. Me likey a lot.


Oh, and if you’re watching the baseball playoffs (and you SHOULD be! This is America’s favorite pastime…don’t let the terrorists win!) here’s a bit of Hotness to keep your eye on - Huston Street, bullpen pitcher for the Anaheim Angels (I’m going old school - I KNOW that stadium is nowhere near Los Angeles!!!) Yes, he IS the same Huston Street who made Her Hotness’ 2007 Hotness All-Star Team. But this week is a salute to men who are only getting better with age and this Hot Man definitely fits that bill. Word.


(I will keep my eye open for some more baseball Hotness for you kids. I’m an American League gal but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for some fresh National League Mancandy. This is what I do for you kids. This is how much I love you.)

See you all next FRIDAY!!!

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