Sep 29
Revenge! Posted by Leah

Week 4: up 3.4 pounds (-2.6 pounds total)

Damn. Damn!! I tried to warn myself. I tried to prepare for the possibility. But holy crap I fell smack dab into one of THE WORST Revenge Weeks EVER!! I mean, I was Manspired as all get out what with Jeter and that ridiculous ending to that ridiculous game (that will NEVER be erased from my DVR!) I worked out six days in a row, began my running program so that I can be all prepped and ready for my Thanksgiving Day 5k AND cut not one but two nights short so that I would not continue to drink more calories into the wee hours of the morning. Alas, I was also dealing with my lady monthliness and the Questionable Food Judgement that always seems to come in her hormone crazed wake. Yes, I went to Coolhaus last Monday and got an ice cream sandwich the size of my hand. Yes, I took that sucker out. Yes, I am still dealing with the aftermath of said sucker. Would I do it all over again? No.

Who am I kidding?!??!? HELLLSS YEAH!!! This is life and life is living and sometimes all you can do is try to make more good decisions than bad. This week the scale tipped in favor of the bad. My job now is to simply right the wrong.

Also, I’m making a change. If one third of my Trifecta of Hotness can retire (DON’T GO JETE!!!!) and another third get married (CLOONEY - WTF??????) then Her Hotness can also make a major life change. Kids - I am moving to Fridays. Yup. You heard me. We’re getting all TGIF up in here! Why? To give myself the best chance at success. Let’s face it, weekends are hard. Weekends are challenging! And while I need to face the challenge head on I can also be kind and give myself a few days of weekday normalcy before I step back on the scale. What this means for you, my lovely HMD’ers, is that you get me TWICE this week! Twice the Hotness in your life!! Because I will be back on Friday and I will be getting on that scale and so help me God I will be reporting some good news!! Woo hoo!!!

So this is just a minor setback. A bump in the road. A glitch in the matrix. They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Come this Friday it will instead be a dish best served HOT!!

Hot Manspiration of the Week: George, how could you?!?!?!? How could you break your own self-imposed bachelorhood and get MARRIED?!?!?!?!? How could you?!?!?!? You promised me! You promised all of us!! Lifetime bachelor George is gone! He’s gone! He went to Venice and got married and broke my heart! Lucky for you, I’ve still got the love of a good Professor to keep me warm. So I’ll forgive you…this time…


(Daniel Craig - please don’t change! I know you’re married to Rachel Weisz and that itself is new since last I wrote HMD. But she’s kinda badass so I’m totally cool with that. Beyond that - don’t change! I can’t take it! Derek Jeter has left baseball and George Clooney has left serial dating and I need one member of my Original Trifecta of Hotnes to stay the same!! I am counting on you, Mr. Bond.)

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