Sep 15

Week 2: down 1.2 pounds (-3 pounds total)

Kids, kids, kids!!!! Here I am, here I is, here I be! Two weeks down and three pounds to show for it…not bad, not bad…thought I was doing better than that, thought the loss might have been greater, but these things happen…this is a marathon, not a sprint…not a sprint…not a sprint…



The promise of Hotness to come. What a glorious thing! You can see it, the possibility blooming before you, all light and goodness. You can feel it, the anxious anticipation of better, brighter, lighter days ahead. The You to come. The You to be. The You that is perfect, shiny and glossy and strong and successful and perfect. I often think of random numbers and imagine how awesome life will be when I’ve lost that much weight. How perfect and shiny and glossy and strong and successful and perfect I will be. And while I know that is some seriously nasty mind trap I’m falling into I still allow myself to fall. Bad Leah!

Cause here’s the thing - we don’t have to wait for the Hotness to come…the Hotness is already here!!! We may not see it, we may not believe it exists with these hips and this belly and allll this junk in the trunk but it DOES!! It exists because of these hips and this belly and ALLLLLL this junk in the trunk! Not to mention this brain and this heart and this spirit, a spirit that is learning how to be undeterred by something as trivial as weight. Don’t get me wrong. Weight affects health, and in that way is not at all a trivial thing. But it should never, ever figure in the “Why I Matter” big picture assessment of one’s life. Never. Ever. Never.

So today’s entry is not about the promise of my Hotness to come, but is instead about the much needed and highly anticipated Manspiration overload that is on tap for next week!!!!! Woo hoo!!! I know ya’ll are all like, “Ummm, nice words and all and you’re back - yay! - but ummm…where are all the Hot Men?!?!?!?!?!?” I hear you loud and clear and I will deliver!! I promise! There is MUCH Hotness to come! Check back in and see for yourself.

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