Sep 02
The Sound of Hotness Posted by Leah

Hello Hotness, my old friend,
I’ve come to talk with you again…

Yes. Yup. For reals. It’s me. Her Hotness. From the depths of the blogosphere and after three plus years of silence I have come to finish the journey I began seven years ago.

Holy crap!

And I know, I know, I know I have come back many times over the years declaring things to be DIFFERENT and EXCITING and full of NEW ENDEAVORS, only to completely disappear. I look at my last few entries and cringe with embarrassment. Bad Leah! Such fits and starts! Blargh! But why belabor the point? Life is full of fits and starts. Some journeys can be abandoned. Sometimes we get on an odd path that is short and sweet and we learn our lesson and move on, wiser and stronger (hopefully). But some must needs be finished and this, THIS my dear friends, this is one of the rare few that deserves to be seen through to the end.

Did you hear me, Hot Man Dieteers? TO. THE. END. No more fits and starts. No more disappearing. No more silence. I need noise! The sound and fury of action! The Sturm und Drang of Hotness rising!! I want it back! I need it back! I NEED the Hotness!! Do you need the Hotness?! Do you?!?!?!?

Join me. Let’s DO this! You know Her Hotness is a good times girl! Don’t you need some good times? I think you dooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

You. Me. A buttload (literally) of uphill climbing to do. We’ve got some catching up to do - I can’t wait to introduce you to The Professor! - and some super mega goals to set. And then we get gotta get down to business. They don’t call it Labor Day for nothing. We’ve got some WORK to do!! It’s time to work it out!!!

Hello Hotness, my old friend,
So glad to have you back again!

See you next Monday. Come dressed to move.

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