Jan 19
Lady and the Tramp Posted by Leah

Weekly Hot-o-Meter Reading: down 2.5 pounds (-38 pounds total!)

Down 2.5.  Word.  Feels good.  Feels right.  Makes me wanna keep on truckin’.  Makes me wanna put down this glass o’ chardonnay.  Kind of.  Okay, I’m totally not putting it down.  It’s good chardonnay.  Bite me.

Hola kiddies!  How was your MLK Day?!  Did you let freedon ring?  Were you free at last, free at last?  If so, I’m glad for you.  And insanely jealous, because I had to work.  Ugh!  And it was RAINING!  Raining like a mo fo.  And while this might not sound like much to most of you, we here in sunny So Cal do NOT deal well with the rain.  Not rain like a mo fo.  My pup refuses to wet his ridiculously cute paws so this week, while still quite young, has already proven to be quite looooong.  Hence the chardonnay.  It’s good chardonnay.  Bite me.

Speaking of my ridiculously cute pup…he’s soo cute, ohmigod I just love him to bits, BITS I tell you!!!  Kids, Her Hotness is changed.  I am no longer merely a Hot Woman.  I am also a Hot Mother.  I’m a MILF.  Yes, I’ve proudly entered the land of MILF-dom, though most MILF’s wouldn’t be caught dead wandering through the streets of Long Beach at ungodly hours of the morning in all kinds of Hot Messiness.  Such is my life now.  So changed…the raucous party girl of yore must now plan her life in 6 hour increments, lest the Hot Dog be too housebound for his own good.  Life now is little more than one long walk with brief respites for sleep and work.  My bed, once home to scandalous comings and goings, now finds me wrapped oh so carefully around said pooch, lest I disturb his slumber.  Responsibility, that loathsome word, has wormed its way into this wild child and bitch-slapped me into submission.  I cannot help it.  I cannot resist.  I love him!  I love my Hot Dog!  He is scruffy scraptacularness, so effing cute, so cute I can’t help myself sometimes.  We were walking down the street a while back and some yummy piece of Mancandy stopped mid-run to yell “That is one happy dog!” and he was right.  He is!  And he rocks!

And for as much as he needs me and loves me unconditionally, he also has much to teach.  Watching him make his way through the world, head held high, eyes alert, body lean and ready, is something of a revelation.  That we should all be so brave, so fearless, so excited and joyful…that we should burst through the door every morning, ready for anything and everything the world has to offer (save but rain)…that we should encouter everyone with such curiosity, such unbridled glee…that our hearts should be so open, so forgiving, so innocent…what a world that would be…

And that I should want something so badly that I was willing to put my entire being into the fight, that my drive was strong enough to ignore the people holding me back, the voices telling me to stop…what a world that would be…


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