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2010: Begin Again Posted by Leah

Holy.  Crap. 

Let’s just sit on that one for a while, shall we.  Holy.  Freaking.  Crap!

I can’t even…I don’t know where or how to start…I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know…I’m sitting here writing this and it feels so…weird…it feels SO weird and I don’t know why and I don’t know where or how to start all I know, alls I’m saying is, it must start, it must begin again, it’s 2010 and it must begin again where did it go why did it go away oh yeah there was a boy and we were happy so happy really happy thinking we might be happy forever yeah now I remember there was a boy and all was right with the world so no more Hotness, right?  No more Hotness and no more Manspiration and no more Hot Man Diet, no more Hot Man Diet, no more Hot Man Diet?!?!?!?

September.  The last time we spoke.  September.  Holy freaking crap, how MUCH has changed since September!  The Yankees won the World Series!!!!!!!  My Hot Boys of Summer, the Hot Men of My LIFE, freaking beat down opponent after opponent after opponent to give me the most glorious night of my life that didn’t involve sex!!!  And I got to see some of the Hotness live!!!!  First Yankees playoff game ever witnessed by moi…who cares that they lost…they lost that fight but they won the war…ahhh…that such men exist…ahhh…

World Champion Yankees

Also - I got a puppy!!!  That’s right, there’s a Hot Dog in our midst, and he is a cutie pie.  His name is Barkley (ha!), he’s a terrier mix, he’s scruffy and feisty and scrappy as hell, and I love him to death, though my life is now little more than one extended dog walk with brief interludes for work and sleep and games of fetch.  He’s a helluva responsibility, scary and overwhelming but necessary as I enter this 36th year of my life.  Time to open the world up to responsibility.  Time to answer to someone other than myself.  Time to take my currently gassy charge for a walk.  Barkley!

One last, sad note - I think the RLHM (Real Life Hot Man) and I are parting ways.  Nothing’s been officially stated as such, but if it looks like a spade and smells like a spade…Aw kids, it’s been a rough week.  If my sass seems compromised, that is why.  I’m sad and mad and thrown.  All kinds of messed up over this one.  Again, nothing has been officially stated as such, but…

So.  Here we are.  All caught up and whatnot.  Now what do we do?

Oh, I’ll tell you what we do.  We begin again.  We meet here every Monday (old school style) and we begin again.  We work.  We focus.  We weigh in (can’t do it today, give me one more week please!)  We laugh.  We cry.  We remember why we where here in the first place - the Hotness, oh, the Hotness!  We gotta get the Hotness back!  Manspiration - can you heed our call?  Can you help this sista out?  Can you bring us home with your beacon call of droolingly Mantastic Mancandy?  The Manjoyment is gone!  Help us find it again!!  God on high, hear our prayer - bring them home!  Bring them home!  Bring!  Them!  Home!!!!!

Aw kids, damn if I didn’t miss you guys something awful.  Give me your hand.  Hold mine tight.  Let us go then, you and I…the Hotness awaits…

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  1. Bones Rodriguez Says:

    Welcome the Hot back!

    So, you got a sex-life, and we lost out on our manspirations. That’s right, us men need to see who we’re competing with!
    Well, I got pretty damn lazy last month myself- so much so that after my workout the other day I threw up!

    But I DID look skinny the next day ;-)

    welcome back, and Thank you for returning!

  2. Porkchop Says:

    Welcome back her hotness! We missed ya something awful too!

    I was a lemming there for awhile checking the HMD site HOPING for a new entry only to find the same ol September 09 weekly speak.

    We love and support you as you begin anew in 2010. I’ll be seeing ya same time, same place every Monday for my dish of HMD.


  3. yackee Says:

    welcome back and happy hot new year! one of my kindergartners grabbed me this week and said “hey, single lady” and i said hey right on back, because there is a great deal of hotness to be enjoyed in 2010 (my horoscope swears it).

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