Jun 19
Testify Sister! Posted by Leah

Week 3: down 1 pound (-8.5 total!)

Hey HMD’ers!  Did ya’ll enjoy my Father’s Day Hotness?  Somebody called them “Dadspirations”, an awesome term I cannot believe I didn’t think of myself.  Those Dadspirations are enough to keep a girl on track, huh? 

Yesterday morning I found myself watching Matt Lauer interview Princes William and Harry Hot Princes William and Harryon the Today show, and I realized that not only do I want a Hot Man, I want to create a Hot Man!  Watching those two (Hot!) young men discuss their mother with such respect and affection, to hear them speak of her legacy with such eloquence and passion…well, it made this old gal yearn for her own Hot Boys.  What a wonderful thing that would be, to raise a good Man for the world to enjoy, that perhaps someday a woman might think of my son as her Hot Manspiration of the Week…awww…I’m getting all teary-eyed and shit…

But enough of that, let’s get back to business.  This diet is working, ya’ll.  And not just for me.  I have received my first testimonial!  I have fans!  People are really listening to what I’m saying!  Ladies and gentlemen, meet my Hot Man Dieter of the Week:

The Hot Man Diet is actually working. I can’t tell you how many bad food choices I have NOT made thanks to Hot Manspiration.  For example, last night at dinner, I ordered grilled fish instead of a blue cheese burger.  For lunch I ate an english muffin and some turkey breast instead of pizza with jalapenos and mushrooms. And I just got a cup of coffee instead of the chocolate cookie that was sitting right next to the coffee cups. And let’s not forget the fact that hot dudes do NOT like chicks who smoke…I owe this girl my life. Tell her thanks next time you see her!!

YOU’RE WELCOME!!  Keep it up (especially the no smoking!).

Hot Manspiration of the Week:  Again, this one is for my HMDer of the Week, whose favorite Hot Manspiration is Matthew McConaughey.  Who can argue with such a fine choice?  Not I, said the cat, not I.

Hot Man Matthew McConaughey

HMD Foe of the Week:  Weekends!  Ugh, it is SO hard for me to be mindful of my food choices on the weekends.  I don’t know about you guys, but come Friday afternoon all thoughts of fruits and vegetables go out the friggin’ window, save for the random citrus attached to my cocktail or the salsa that comes with my chips and margaritas.  It is a struggle, one that I cannot claim to have mastered at all.  I can have a fantastic week, but those last 48 hours, oy!  They’re the roughest.  Does anyone have any good tips/tricks for dealing with weekends?  (P.S.  Do NOT send me any of those craptacular “diet tricks” we’ve all heard a gajillion times…if you’ve got an interesting tip I want to hear it.  If you’re gonna tell me to drink less or order a salad at a bar, save it for the next schmuck!)  

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  1. sasefina Says:

    Weekends are actually easier for me - I find that when I’m running around I don’t think of food as much. It’s mostly when I am at work and bored and looking for something to do (e.g. eat cookies) that I am most tempted.

    Are you allowing yourself one cheat meal per week when you can eat anything you want? That really helps. Maybe you can schedule that for the weekend so tthat you have it to look forward to?

    Because I am trying to think of this as more of a “life change” than a temporary diet, I am hesitant to incorporate a cheat meal. But that could help…maybe…

  2. aelmy Says:

    First of all, that pic of Matty is possibly the best I’ve seen, so thanks for that! I too have trouble with the weekends. The only ‘tip’ I’ve ever come up with is to not eat, so that my calories from the cocktails aren’t as dangerous. The problem is, the cocktails become more dangerous. Unfortunately, that’s all I have. Thanks again for the HMD. I’m still loving it! And you make me giggle and nod in agreement everytime I check in! Keep it coming!

  3. Miss Gee Says:

    My complete agreement on the topic of the ‘one, two princes’ before you on this page. I have to wonder, which prince has diamonds in his pockets? Which one would want to buy you lockets? William, YOU got a princely racket? Or Harry, ya got a big seal upon YOUR jacket? I have no doubt they each know what a prince and lover ought to be (repeat). Lovely post! And congrats on your guru-like influence, which is now clearly expanding! xxx

  4. Yackee Says:

    listen - on the weekends you eat all you want then get really drunk and work it all out with random bar sex
    or so i’ve heard

    THIS IS THE BEST TIP EVER! Unless this is my mother reading this, in which case THIS IS THE WORST TIP EVER!

  5. Mar Says:

    I just noticed that as you scroll down your amazing page advertisements for those other diets abound! Are they crazy? Who are they fooling?! Hotness is the way!!! Keep it coming!

  6. Bones Rodriguez Says:

    Yeah- for the weekends you should have no time for bad food because you should be on dates and having SEX!!!!

  7. tames Says:

    Here’s my tip - and I know it’s not going to be good news, but margaritas are one of the most caloric drinks you can order (b/c of the sugary mixer)…they can be around 350 cals for ONE as opposed to let’s say a vodka soda -60 cals TOTAL for one shot of vodka, 0 for the soda(if you are looking for a low cal liquory drink)

    I know, margaritas are my Achilles heel…damn them!

  8. Val (no cool nickname) Says:

    Leah, my dear…you are doing an INCREDIBLE job! 12 pounds!!!! that’s a 3 month old baby that you’ve lost!
    As far as booze goes…red wine people, red friggin wine. It’s even GOOD FOR YOU! But it must be good wine, or the ‘next day suffering’ will blind you.
    I just heard that the next Batman movie will be coming out soon. It got me thinking about Christian Bale again…fine lookin white boy. That’s a hot man who I’d forego a snickers bar for.

    Thanks for the congrats…keep checking in cause Her Hotness might be able to find a pic of Mr. Bale to help you out.

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