Feb 05
I’m Not There Posted by Leah

Week 86:  down .5 pound (-64.5 pounds total!)

I know, I KNOW.  You guys are all where the bloody h are you and I’m all not there.  Not there Monday.  Not there Tuesday.  Not there Wednesday.  What.  The.  Eff?  I know.  I KNOW.  So then you guys start calling me like where the bloody h are you and you start writing and you’re all like seriously where’s my Weekly Speak and I don’t write back and I don’t call back because I’m all like damn why can’t they leave me alone why can’t a girl get a break sometimes even the Hotness needs a break it needs a break!

Okay, so sometimes the Hotness doesn’t eat enough at a Superbowl party and ends up three sheets to the wind before half-time and sobers up enough to make it home and pass out but then when it’s time to get up and commence the Hotness it can’t be done she can’t do it it makes her sick to do it not really sick but like ugh really do I HAVE to do this and so then it’s all like eff this NO HOT FOR YOU! but inside she knows she totally knows the Hotness cannot wait and even though even though you all bug her to death she secretly loves the fact that you all need the Hotness too you need it we all NEED it!

And maybe the best of intentions fall by the wayside Monday night when a diversionary tactic (i.e. a date, a date, a date!) puts the proverbial kibosh on the Hotness the needed Hotness the already late and growing later Hotness but that’s okay because well hell it’s a DATE and these things can wait you guys can wait can’t you please wait and so yeah yeah yeah maybe Tuesday and Wednesday were just lost to lethargy the Hotness was tired tired turred and fighting off the beginnings of a sore throat and and trying desperately trying to start keep commit to a food diary so that the Hotness can keep moving forward there’s a birthday coming this month it’s a big one a birthday oy a big one and things need must should HAVE TO keep moving forward and so sometimes and listen closely guys sometimes life just takes over for a little bit but don’t worry because the Hotness the Hotness will never EVER go away delayed a bit yes but gone away forever never!

So don’t get pissed because some of you might get pissed at me for doing this especially the ones that have been here since the Hotness began you’ll think it is a crutch my easy go to shot o’ Manspiration but you have to understand listen closely guys sometimes when life just takes over and shit is really late because I’m trying trying trying really hard to juggle this maelstrom that is my life you have to understand listen closely guys this is the moment when I want desire resquest dedicate need need NEED a naked Gerard Butler.  I’m only human.  He’s only Hot. 

Hot Man Gerard Butler

I will see you next Monday.  I WILL see you next Monday.  Have a Mantastic weekend!! 

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  1. PJ Says:

    Wait a minute!!
    While I am delighted that you went on a date, you can’t just casually mention it without at least hinting at how it went. Will there be a second date?

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