Jan 26
Plan-tastic! Posted by Leah

Week 85: down .5 pound (-64 pounds total!)

Hola people!  Happy Monday morning.  Are you almost ready for some football?!?  Yes, yes, yes…it’s Superbowl week in America.  Place your bets, prep your livers and roll out the face paint come this Sunday.  Most importantly (and I am saying this to myself as much as I am saying this to you) PLAN AHEAD!  My Secret Weapon has been beating this point into my head and now I pass a bit of the beating onto you all.  Ya’ll.  You kids.  Or, as they say in Pittsburgh, youns.  Plan ahead!  Let’s face it, even if you don’t know Hot Man Heath Ledgera touchdown from a field goal from a…aw hell, I don’t know this crap either!  But I do know I WILL be at a Superbowl party.  And I do know there WILL be all kinds of evil yumminess present.  And I do know I WILL NOT have the will to willingly walk by all of it.  So what do I do?  Freak out and declare that my life is so completely unfair and all this watching what I eat and being healthy and whatnot is just some evil plan concocted by a spiteful god who has it out for me for reasons I cannot name?!  No.  I won’t do that.  I did that yesterday.  Didn’t work.  So I guess I’ll just listen to all of the generously provided advice, and I’ll just plan the hell ahead.  Monday thru Saturday - clean living as God (who is not at all spiteful, sorry ’bout that!) and nature intended.  Sunday - full on debauchery, Her Hotness-style!  Aw yeah, baby!  I’m SO gonna bring some light mixers to go with my limited intake of hooch!  Can my homies say “club soda”?  Riiight!  My veggie platter and roasted red pepper dip are gonna be off da hook!  Word!  I’m gonna roll up to the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market Sunday morning and get my organic gangsta produce up in this piece, biotches!  And then my hype assed self is gonna go for a run up in da hood!  And don’t get me started, don’t EVEN get me started with my pre-party salad…shits gonna be locally grown, shits gonna be loaded with goodness, and mo fos better recollize that I had that biotch with tha dressing on the side, aw hells yeah!  Can I get a whaa whaa?!  THAT’S some full on debauchery, Her Hotness-style!  Keep yo greasy hands and greasy foods to yoself, mothertruckers.  I am a temple!  Did ya hear me?  TEMPLE!!

So when I bring the party next Sunday like I always bring it and you see me having a munchy munch or two, don’t act like you all that and a bag of chips.  Don’t mess with me, don’t give me any looks, don’t axe what I’m doing, cause I’m rolling up in there with my shit done been done.  It’s all been doneded.  I done done it.  I done it all week, biotch.  What you done been done?  Nuthin, aiight.  So step off!  Cause when I woke up this morning I had nonfat organic yogurt with lowfat organic hemp plus granola with omega-Hot Man Robert Downey Jr3s and what you have, what, a doughnut?  Sucka, please.  Talk to me when I’m 80 and spry like a summamabitch.  Talk to me then and tell me who’s Hot.  Oh right, you won’t be able to.  You’ll be dead.


Hot Manspirations of the Week:  Gotsta give it up for two men who have been at the center of all the Oscar talk this past week.  One left us way too soon.  The other did, as well, but somehow managed to find his way home.  Kids, I cannot stop raving about Tropic Thunder.  I really think it is one of the funniest and best films I’ve seen in quite some time.  And I really can’t stop raving about Robert Downey, Jr. in Tropic Thunder.  Holy hell, he went there.  He went there and made it work!  If you never thought you’d see a black man become President, I’m certain you never imagined a white man in black face getting an Academy Award nomination.  Sheer talent (and exceptional writing) completely obliterating the potential pitfalls of political correctness.  This is indeed change we need.  We can only hope for much, much more.

And Heath.  Aw, this sucks.  Such a talent, such a Manspiration, such a loss.  Rest in Hotness, Heath Ledger.  We miss you!    

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