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Sep 02
The Sound of Hotness Posted by Leah

Hello Hotness, my old friend,
I’ve come to talk with you again…

Yes. Yup. For reals. It’s me. Her Hotness. From the depths of the blogosphere and after three plus years of silence I have come to finish the journey I began seven years ago.

Holy crap!

And I know, I know, I know I have come back many times over the years declaring things to be DIFFERENT and EXCITING and full of NEW ENDEAVORS, only to completely disappear. I look at my last few entries and cringe with embarrassment. Bad Leah! Such fits and starts! Blargh! But why belabor the point? Life is full of fits and starts. Some journeys can be abandoned. Sometimes we get on an odd path that is short and sweet and we learn our lesson and move on, wiser and stronger (hopefully). But some must needs be finished and this, THIS my dear friends, this is one of the rare few that deserves to be seen through to the end.

Did you hear me, Hot Man Dieteers? TO. THE. END. No more fits and starts. No more disappearing. No more silence. I need noise! The sound and fury of action! The Sturm und Drang of Hotness rising!! I want it back! I need it back! I NEED the Hotness!! Do you need the Hotness?! Do you?!?!?!?

Join me. Let’s DO this! You know Her Hotness is a good times girl! Don’t you need some good times? I think you dooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

You. Me. A buttload (literally) of uphill climbing to do. We’ve got some catching up to do - I can’t wait to introduce you to The Professor! - and some super mega goals to set. And then we get gotta get down to business. They don’t call it Labor Day for nothing. We’ve got some WORK to do!! It’s time to work it out!!!

Hello Hotness, my old friend,
So glad to have you back again!

See you next Monday. Come dressed to move.

Sep 08
The Hotness Begins Again Posted by Leah

I have always been a person who enjoyed beginnings, middles and ends. I love witnessing the birth of a fresh new idea and then seeing a plan come to glorious fruition after an appropriate amount of hard work, moxie, a healthy dash of luck and some good old fashioned blood, sweat and tears. I used to pride myself on reading books from beginning to end without interruption, whilst friends of mine would have multiple books in rotation at any given moment. Professionally, I have always gravitated toward project based work. I wanted, NEEDED, to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was the only way I felt capable of giving something my full attention and devotion. The thought of performing the same task day in and day out with no obvious end game in sight makes me nauseous. And pissy. And bored. And distracted.

So the question is why, why, why, why, WHYYYYY was I not able to see this journey through to the end? Why leave Hot Man Diet, arguably the best idea I have EVER had, before it was done, before I was healthy and strong and capable of facing the world without the good advice and sound counsel of Her Hotness? In fact, why leave the Hotness at all??!?!?

I left because I found a Hot Man.


Oh no she didn’t!!

That’s right. I found a Hot Man. And wasn’t that the whole point of this blasted endeavor?!

Okay, so maybe that story is not entirely true. I left because I found what I thought was a Real Life Hot Man but he actually turned out to be more of a Real Life Blech Blech with a Side of Pickled Blech. And I found that out too late and I was deep in it and had to scramble to get out of it and I DID. (Yay me!) And you might recall that I came back to you, my lovely HMD’ers, right around that time and tried to rekindle our blog affair and kept it up for a lil’ while until I…well, until I just didn’t. Life got in the way, I suppose. And then right around the time I was seriously thinking about dusting off the cobwebs from Her Hotness it happened. IT happened. I got on a plane bound for Baltimore and sat down beside the Hot Man of my dreams. And here we are, almost three years in and going stronger than ever. We’ve been living together (in sin - woo hoo!!!) for a while now, and with my dog and his two cats we are the picture of domestic bliss. I am beyond lucky to have found this wonderful man and continue to grow deeper in love with him everyday. I call him The Professor because he looks like that Hot College Professor that you would have wanted to hook up with (although I had no such Hotness at the head of the class during my collegiate years). He makes me feel gorgeous and desirable even when I know I am not, he makes me laugh, makes me smile, makes me happy. And when you’re happy you don’t need the Hotness, right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!

Wrong. You ALWAYS need the Hotness.

For you see, during this first part of our very young relationship, in the midst of our newfound happiness The Professor and I have managed to do some serious damage to our midsections. Between romantic dinners out, cozy dinners in, drinks on the beach, annual summer trips to the food haven that is New York City and various and other food related happy happiness, we have packed on some serious pounds. Both of us. We’ve been sucker punched by Happy Relationship Weight Gain. So now we’ve got to fight. We’ve got to figure out how to keep the Happy Relationship but lose the Weight Gain. ‘Cause when you’re looking at the prospect of a wonderful life together, you kinda want to make sure it is as long and healthy as possible.

So here I am. I have come back to the place where it all began. I need the Hotness. I have ALWAYS needed the Hotness. Let’s begin again, shall we? And this time, this time, we will complete the journey. Here goes…

Week 1: down 1.8 pounds

That’s a good start!

Sep 15

Week 2: down 1.2 pounds (-3 pounds total)

Kids, kids, kids!!!! Here I am, here I is, here I be! Two weeks down and three pounds to show for it…not bad, not bad…thought I was doing better than that, thought the loss might have been greater, but these things happen…this is a marathon, not a sprint…not a sprint…not a sprint…



The promise of Hotness to come. What a glorious thing! You can see it, the possibility blooming before you, all light and goodness. You can feel it, the anxious anticipation of better, brighter, lighter days ahead. The You to come. The You to be. The You that is perfect, shiny and glossy and strong and successful and perfect. I often think of random numbers and imagine how awesome life will be when I’ve lost that much weight. How perfect and shiny and glossy and strong and successful and perfect I will be. And while I know that is some seriously nasty mind trap I’m falling into I still allow myself to fall. Bad Leah!

Cause here’s the thing - we don’t have to wait for the Hotness to come…the Hotness is already here!!! We may not see it, we may not believe it exists with these hips and this belly and allll this junk in the trunk but it DOES!! It exists because of these hips and this belly and ALLLLLL this junk in the trunk! Not to mention this brain and this heart and this spirit, a spirit that is learning how to be undeterred by something as trivial as weight. Don’t get me wrong. Weight affects health, and in that way is not at all a trivial thing. But it should never, ever figure in the “Why I Matter” big picture assessment of one’s life. Never. Ever. Never.

So today’s entry is not about the promise of my Hotness to come, but is instead about the much needed and highly anticipated Manspiration overload that is on tap for next week!!!!! Woo hoo!!! I know ya’ll are all like, “Ummm, nice words and all and you’re back - yay! - but ummm…where are all the Hot Men?!?!?!?!?!?” I hear you loud and clear and I will deliver!! I promise! There is MUCH Hotness to come! Check back in and see for yourself.

Sep 23
Operation Manspiration Posted by Leah

Week 3: down 3 pounds (-6 pounds total!)

Hola people!!!! Were you worried about me?! Fear not and fret not for here I am! And three pounds lighter - HOLLA!!! While I completely understand that I will not lose such a large amount every week I have to admit that seeing those numbers felt gooood. Nice to see my hard work (and it has been hard!) paying off. Now I must focus to make sure I don’t have Revenge Week. (You know Revenge Week, don’t you my lovely HMD’ers? It’s when you follow up a fantastic week with a disappointing, craptacular one. It sucks. And I’m gonna try to avoid it. Word.)


But enough about me. Ya’ll know what we need right now. We NEEEEEED it. We WAAAAAAAANT it. We gots to HAAAAAAVVVVVEEE it! How do you avoid Revenge Week? Man up, kiddies! HOT MAN UP!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!


As I write this, my television is tuned to ESPN and the glory that is Derek Jeter, one-third of my Original Trifecta of Hotness. Unless you have been living under a rock you have probably heard that this Titan of Baseball is retiring at the end of the 2014 baseball season. And the end of the 2014 baseball season is Sunday! Most years we would probably have an additional few weeks to soak up all the glory that is Mr. November. Sadly, this does not figure to be one of those years. So I have less than a week. Less than a week left to enjoy this. And this. And this, for the love of God!


So what to do when one of your top people, your top person really, retires? You CELEBRATE THE HELL out of him!!!! Oh Captain, my Captain - THANK YOU!!! Thank you for turning this once sports ignorant gal into one rip roaring, stats knowing, sabermetrics debating, Evil Empire loving, loud and proud Yankee Mama!! You are the best man I will never know, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a diplomat of this sport I now ADORE. You will always be one of my first, best, and greatest Manspirations!! Holy Hotness alive, I thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!


Sep 29
Revenge! Posted by Leah

Week 4: up 3.4 pounds (-2.6 pounds total)

Damn. Damn!! I tried to warn myself. I tried to prepare for the possibility. But holy crap I fell smack dab into one of THE WORST Revenge Weeks EVER!! I mean, I was Manspired as all get out what with Jeter and that ridiculous ending to that ridiculous game (that will NEVER be erased from my DVR!) I worked out six days in a row, began my running program so that I can be all prepped and ready for my Thanksgiving Day 5k AND cut not one but two nights short so that I would not continue to drink more calories into the wee hours of the morning. Alas, I was also dealing with my lady monthliness and the Questionable Food Judgement that always seems to come in her hormone crazed wake. Yes, I went to Coolhaus last Monday and got an ice cream sandwich the size of my hand. Yes, I took that sucker out. Yes, I am still dealing with the aftermath of said sucker. Would I do it all over again? No.

Who am I kidding?!??!? HELLLSS YEAH!!! This is life and life is living and sometimes all you can do is try to make more good decisions than bad. This week the scale tipped in favor of the bad. My job now is to simply right the wrong.

Also, I’m making a change. If one third of my Trifecta of Hotness can retire (DON’T GO JETE!!!!) and another third get married (CLOONEY - WTF??????) then Her Hotness can also make a major life change. Kids - I am moving to Fridays. Yup. You heard me. We’re getting all TGIF up in here! Why? To give myself the best chance at success. Let’s face it, weekends are hard. Weekends are challenging! And while I need to face the challenge head on I can also be kind and give myself a few days of weekday normalcy before I step back on the scale. What this means for you, my lovely HMD’ers, is that you get me TWICE this week! Twice the Hotness in your life!! Because I will be back on Friday and I will be getting on that scale and so help me God I will be reporting some good news!! Woo hoo!!!

So this is just a minor setback. A bump in the road. A glitch in the matrix. They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Come this Friday it will instead be a dish best served HOT!!

Hot Manspiration of the Week: George, how could you?!?!?!? How could you break your own self-imposed bachelorhood and get MARRIED?!?!?!?!? How could you?!?!?!? You promised me! You promised all of us!! Lifetime bachelor George is gone! He’s gone! He went to Venice and got married and broke my heart! Lucky for you, I’ve still got the love of a good Professor to keep me warm. So I’ll forgive you…this time…


(Daniel Craig - please don’t change! I know you’re married to Rachel Weisz and that itself is new since last I wrote HMD. But she’s kinda badass so I’m totally cool with that. Beyond that - don’t change! I can’t take it! Derek Jeter has left baseball and George Clooney has left serial dating and I need one member of my Original Trifecta of Hotnes to stay the same!! I am counting on you, Mr. Bond.)

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