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Jan 24
Random Acts of Hotness Posted by Leah

Thursday, January 24th, 11:45 a.m., Long Beach, California…

Me: In line in front of you at the Chronic Tacos on Bellflower…jeans, orange hoodie, curly hair, with a scarf that I have decided looks a bit too Harry Potter-esque for its own good…I was the one ordering gobs of food, although I must state for the record that most of it was NOT mine…I work with boys and boys get hungry and need gobs and gobs of food…I only ate one of the many tacos I walked out with….I was so pre-occupied with my order that I didn’t check you out until I was checking out, and I could swear for a second that in spite of the monster order and the hoodie and the wizard’s scarf you were checking me out, and if so let me just tell you that you made my week because…

Hot Man Kelly SlaterYou:  Are RIDICULOUSLY HOT!!!  Took my breath away the moment I saw you, so much so that I almost walked out without my change and without any extra hot sauce, which would have been the death of me back at work.  Do you know how good-looking you are, Mr. Surfer/Skater/Biker/Fish Taco Eater Man?  Similar enough to Kelly Slater that his pic will have to suffice for all the peeps reading at home, all those poor, unlucky bastards who will never see the blue of your eyes or the curve of your lips or the definition of the arms that I could make out even with my failing eyesight, even with my arms loaded down with burritos and tacos galore…my god Man, I can’t stop thinking about you!…and so even though I totally had another entry all planned for tonight I had to scratch it so that I could send this message out to you, my real life Hot Manspiration of this week, the best thing I’ve ever gotten from Chronic Tacos (I usually only get gas), the Hottest, most Manificent thing to have crossed my path in some time…tonight’s workout is for you, Mr. Hot Taco Man…will we ever meet again?  Only time will tell…

I wish you had axed me for my number. I would have given it to you.


Jan 28
The Pleasure Principle Posted by Leah

Week 35:  up 3 pounds (-24 pounds total)  FUCK!  I don’t know what to say here…I’m on the verge of tears, which is SO not a good way to begin a Monday…I am very surprised and very upset with this turn of events…I thought I’d had a good week, a solid week, definitely one of the better weeks I’d had in a while, so I’m thrown for a loop…I even laid low all weekend to avoid unnecessary “going out” calories…this sucks, this sucks, this sucks, this sucks!!!!  If most of what is written below seems unusually calm and/or hopeful in light of my current exasperation, it is because most of it was written last night - when I was laying low to avoid unnecessary “going out” calories!  I’m sure I’ll be back to the thoughtful, re-charged person you see below soon enough, but right now I kinda want to hit something…while eating a big ass breakfast burrito!  This sucks! 

I want to talk to ya’ll today about the idea of pleasure.  As I make my slow & steady way through this maze of self-discovery and awareness (in some cultures this rite of passage is known as “growing up” or “becoming an adult”), I lately find myself consumed with issues of pleasure - food, drink, sex (Sorry Mom!  You said you haven’t been reading lately…hopefully this will be an entry you miss), society, these are the things that wholly consume my thoughts and occupy all of my time.  Whaa?!  How’d I get to be That Girl?!  I’m an educated woman from a respectable family, I’d like to think of myself as cultured and intelligent and, on rare occasions, sophisticated.  But the truth of the matter is that I’m a woman whose life has become little more than a pleasure quest…I have a job that allows me to just get by, and although I work with some of the greatest peeps ever, the fact of the matter is that the biggest challenge I face on any given workday is navigating the 405…against traffic, no less.  I’m Paris Hilton without the trustfund and with a better vocabulary.  The only difference between us?  She’s actually less of a boozehound than I would be if I had her money…imagine all of the pics you see with her and that infernal cell phone attached to her ear, replace the cell phone with some hooch and you’ve got Leah Hilton - The Liverless One.  (I must state for the record that were this the case, I would totally hire a full time chauffeur…no DUI’s for The Liverless One!)Hot Man Kelly Slater

I suspect this entry might be one of those long, let’s examine the state of Leah epics…here’s another Hot Pic of Hot Man Kelly Slater to get you through…if you haven’t seen the first Hot Pic check out last Thursday…

So here it is, the Sex and the City-esque epiphany, the question o’ the hour, the thing I have been agonizing over these last few months - is pleasure really pleasurable if it sabotages long-term happiness? 

The answer - no.  Damn! 

Realizing this, I am now attempting to right this wrong, to begin to seek pleasure from things of a more noble, though less immediate ilk - professional achievement, health, wealth (not wealth in a “I MUST have bling to be happy” kind of way, but in a “hey, wouldn’t it be nice to own a house someday” way).  It isn’t easy.  Certainly, I’ve spent more than my fair share of 2008 hunched on some stool somewhere imbibing something…baby steps are key to this large a change.  Baby steps, people!

But there is one area of my life where this change has already been keenly felt - my relationships with men.  Aaah, men…Her Hotness’ Achilles heel.  People, I am a lover of men, love everything about them, their strengths and weaknesses, their brilliance and their stupidity, their bodies and their minds, the way they can fix shit and (hopefully) love their mother.  That fact has not changed, nor do I ever want it to.  What has changed is my approach in dealing with these mysterious male creatures.  Truth is I can no longer allow my hedonistic nature to dictate my romantic and sexual relationships…such short term pleasure seeking NEVER leads anywhere, and I am looking for something, someone, of a more noble ilk.  This year shall be different.  (This year MUST be different!)  For starters, I’ve put the kibosh on all things casual.  Secondly, I’ve decided and declared that 2008 is all about the date.  I’m going to spend this year dating around, getting to know the many men populating the greater La La County, all the while keeping my hands to myself until such time as I give them leave to venture out on their own.  Certainly, this is the way most women operate…but if you haven’t figured out already, I’m not most women.  I have to coach myself through this strange new wasteland on a daily basis, for my baser instincts leap to the surface ever so easily.  I’ve already thwarted two such moments of weakness…very, very difficult situations, each of them, because the men are just getting Hotter and Hotter!  Oy!  But I’ll persevere, I’ll fight the good fight and soldier on because I no longer want to sabotage my own long term happiness.  I know Mr. Hot/Right is out there…I know he’ll find me…and in doing all of this, in attempting to see the forest for the trees, in embarking on this journey of self-respect and self-control, I intend to be ready for him. 

Do you hear me, Gerard Butler?  I’ll be ready for ya!!!

Hot Manspirations of the Week:  Am I the only one who is so NOT into the awards season this year?  I mean, I am a slavish devotee of all serious red carpets…usually.  But I cHot Man Jason Batemanould care less this year.  Why?  The writer’s strike has certainly gouged a mighty hole in this fan’s heart…the Golden Globes usually ramp me up for some serious movie watching/dress debating festivities, but they didn’t even happen, really.  I can’t blame it all on the strike.  The Oscar nominations are out, and while I usually move heaven and earth to see all five nominated films, this year feels different.  I’m just not…excited about them.  I’ve seen Juno, and it was great, but that’s it.  Being the film buff that I am, this lukewarm attitude must stop now!  I need to ramp myself up and get to some cineplexes because whether or not the Oscars actually happen on Feb 24th (THEY BETTER!!  They are always my pre-birthday birthday gift from Hollywood!) there’s some serious Hotness that deserves our attention.  One of HMD’s Original Trifecta of Hotness has a nominated film (Michael Clayton), Hot Man Javier Bardem anchors No Country For Old Men, and there’s no denying that Daniel Day-Lewis was super Hot in his Last of the Mohican days.  Add to Hot Man James McAvoythat the undoubtedly He-Got-Hotter-As-He-Got-Older Jason Bateman from Juno, and you have more than enough reasons to get into the swing of all things Oscar.  As for Atonement…well…we have uncovered another new gem.  James McAvoy.  Hubba.  Hubba.  Scottish.  Check one.  Crazy talented (see The Last King of Scotland).  Check two.  Crazy blue eyes.  Check three.  Did I say Scottish?  Checks four, five, six, and seven!  James McAvoy is Hot Manspiration material through and through…a lovely new young ’un for us to feast our eyes upon, Hot enough and talented enough for me to call off my own personal Keira Knightley strike (she grates) in order to see Atonement.  See you at the movies - let’s get ready for the Oscars! 

Aaah, our very first HMD R & D of 2008…

While this month may not be the muy caliente HMD R & D of December, there is still some serious Hotness to feast our eyes upon.  Do we need it?  Hells yeah, we do!!  January is one mean mother of a month, all post-holiday blues and resolution blues and weather blues and when-the-hell-is-Memorial-Day?! blues…let’s smack this biotch up, add some sizzle to the mix and remind ourselves of EXACTLY why we bought that gym membership three weeks ago…say it…saayyyyy itttttttt….

Nothing tastes as good as a Hot Man feels!

And how!

We’ve got some repeat requestees this month, which means two things: 1) these peeps have great taste in Hot Men, and 2) all the rest of you peeps have been keeping mum with regards to the Mancandy.  Speak up, people!  Speak up, else this site will be all Gerard Butler all the time…Gerard…sigh…email your request to herhotness@hotmandiet.com today!

Anyhoo, our first request comes courtesy of the ever brilliant T. in Echo Park.  Ya’ll may recall that T. took it upon herself to send Her Hotness an entire list of R & Ds…a savvy Hot Man Luke Wilsonmove that has made her a veritable Request and Dedication fixture.  She’s here again with some serious Hotness - Luke Wilson.  Apart from the fact that Old School has become one of my favorite movies EVER, Luke Wilson deserves this Manspiration status because of his incredibly endearing personality.  He’s as charming as all get out, with an ability to be achingly vulnerable but never a pansy.  That’s a tough one to pull off.  And while he isn’t classically good-looking (for the record, HMD is not ALL about classically good-looking…I totally understand that quirky/different/unique/edgy/Scottish can be HOT!), he definitely seems like good times, good times, the kind of guy you have so much fun with your cheeks hurt from smiling.  That’s also a tough one to pull off.  And then there’s my absolute favorite Luke Wilson moment in The Family Stone, when he tells Sarah Jessica Parker’s character that she has to let her freak flag fly high and proud…ohmigod, I have been waiting for a man to tell me that my entire life!!!  SO perfect…you just gotta love him.  And we do.  Lots.

This next piece of Manificence comes from T. in Seattle, the gent who shall henceforth and Hot Man Victor Websterforever more also be known as The Brilliant One.  It was he who introduced me to Gerard Butler (sigh!), the only Hot Man to ever penetrate (tee hee, I said penetrate) my Original Trifecta of Hotness.  His latest request is Victor Webster, an actor whose name you probably won’t recognize but whose Hotness seems familiar.  He’s one of those ridonkulously Hot journeyman actors who’s had small parts on a gajillion big time tv shows and big parts on a gajillion small time tv shows.  T. pointed out his Sex and the City guest spot…remember when Samantha moved to the meatpacking district and met her new yuppie neighbor and then tied him up but before they could have any fun the police came to arrest him for insider trading?  Guess that yuppie!  In looking for pics of this Hottie I came across a bunch of beefcakey shots like this…turns out our Mr. Webster here once posed for Playgirl!  T. also gave me this link to a funny youtube video…you may want to skip this one at work…but enjoy it nonetheless.  He’s definitely all kinds of Mantacular…T. - thank you (again)!  

We round out this month’s shot o’Hotness with a freaking classic.  This is a Hot Man for Hot Man Michael Jordanthe ages, so special, so talented, in a league of his own and without peer…ladies and gentleman, I give you Michael Jordan.  The first (only?) basketball player to ever keep me glued to the tv.  He’s here at the behest of my good friend V., also in Seattle.  She didn’t say much, only stated his name to me with an implicit understanding that I would know what to do.  I do.  I am here to reach back into the past, not too far, just a ‘lil bit, to claim this piece of Hotness for us all.  Because we ALL loved him, we ALL were amazed by his sheer athleticism, the seeming perfection of him on that effing court.  And we ALL must admit that for all of the records, all of the rings, all of the MVPs and championship moments, all of the sneakers, all of the deserved hoopla, in the end we ALL wanted to be like Mike.  Because Mike was Hot…and still is…

Okay kids, I’m off like a prom dress.  I’m so mega-uber-back on track this week it ain’t funny…Monday shall be very, very interesting…


Feb 04
God Bless the Underdog Posted by Leah

Week 36:  down 5.5 pounds (-29.5 pounds total!)  Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!

And so it is that a post-Superbowl country struggles to wake itself up…

Good morning Hot Man Dieteers!!  I am awake and perky and all wide-eyed and bushy tailed, for this has been a week of comebacks for everyone.  I am sitting here feeling like It on a Stick, completely tickled pink with the outcome of my hardest, most emotional and most difficult week of this entire journey.  This was a do or die week, the kind that either makes the tough tougher or sends the weak home.  Apparently, I’m tough!  Who’da thunk it?!?  (I did, I did!)

And now I’m back with a vengeance, focused and determined.  I can begin to see cheekbones that haven’t emerged in years, it’s time to buy a smaller pair of jeans, and my belts are laughably unusable…what’s even more important is the change taking place in my spirit and mind, and yes - I’m about to get seriously Oprah on ya’ll, but you cannot deny that in order for anyone to make this monumental change it must be holistic…the mind, body and soul have to work together and change together…I think I’ve been so emotional because I’ve been slowly saying goodbye to the person I’ve been my entire life, and that is the hardest part of all, believe me!  I’m letting go of the unhappy, overweight teenage girl that became the slightly happier but still overweight woman that’s stuck around for far too long…for heaven’s sake, it is time to get rid of that woman!  It’s time to let the Hottie in me be free!  Be free, Hottie, be FREE!!!

(I also have a Secret Weapon that I shant divulge until next week, in large part because it deserves so much more than what my post-Superbowl (i.e. compromised) self can deliver….you shall have to tune in to find out!)

One last note before I exit stage left - my regular Thursday editions are taking a sabbatical…I am devoting ever more increasing hours to working out and seeing as how I already have two jobs on top of that (I’m very Jamaican right now) I need to lighten my load a bit…of course I’ll still be here every Monday, but the only Thursday night specials we’re gonna have for a while are my monthly Requests and Dedications…unless I’m feeling frisky and decide to whip out a Hot Cops…tee hee, I said whip out…

The time has definitely come for change.  (Obama for President!)  Sometimes it isn’t enough to be what you’ve been all year, even if what you’ve been all year has thus far been perfect… 

Hot Man Tom Brady

Sometimes you have to dig a bit deeper, and it might not be pretty, it might not be nearly as glamorous, it might not have the impeccable bone structure and kissable lips, might not have the supermodel girlfriend or the ass that won’t quit, but sometimes it takes more than the sum of one season to make someone a champion, to make someone my ever so unlikely…

Hot Manspiration of the Week:  Sometimes, all it takes is guts.  Congrats, Eli.  You did it.  God bless the underdog! 

Hot Man Eli Manning

Feb 11

This is the “Holy crap, is it REALLY Monday morning?!?!” abridged version of Her Hotness’ Weekly Speak…I wanted to at least give a quick HMD shout out to let ya’ll know my progress, but today’s actual entry shant arrive until later tonight…think of it as me spreading the wealth…note to self - DON’T plan Sunday afternoon parties because they inevitably lead to Sunday evening hoochfests that make for a mean Monday morning…I’m downing some seriously strong coffee and looking at my ravaged kitchen and the many empty champagne bottles now littering my once pristine countertops…oy!…but my god, I do so LOVE a party!!!!  Good times, good times… 

Week 37:  down 1 pound (-30.5 pounds total!)

I’ll holla at ya’ll later, I promise.  In the meantime, here’s some Mancandy for your eyes to fondle.  Enjoy!

Hot Man Paul Walker

(Aaah, Paul Walker…ours is SUCH a dysfunctional relationship…I speak so ill of you and yet I drool whene’er your unreal visage appears, my knees get weak and I thank the heavens above for you…and on this morning, this headache fueled, achingly weary, post-party depression Monday morning, you were the Hot Man I wanted…nay, NEEDED…so don’t be too mad, mmkay?  Cause you are, in spite of it all, one of Her Hotness’ faves.  Let’s make out.)

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