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It is September - I KNOW!  Please do forgive me.  All plans to write this long-awaited entry were pushed aside as Her Hotness made an emergency trip to Malibu.  (My life is SO hard!)  But I’m back, and there is NO WAY I’d let the hottest month of the year go by without giving some shout-outs to my favorite Hot Man Dieteers.  Let us all bid a fond adieu to summer with some serious Hotness…I give you this month’s Hot Man Diet Requests and Dedications!

To start us off, we have a Hot Man who has been requested by not one, but two fair HMD’ers.  And let’s face it - Hugh Hot Man Hugh JackmanJackman DESERVES the adulation!  He’s here at the behest of A. in Minneapolis and E. in Pasadena, both of whom have been waiting very patiently for Hugh’s HMD debut.  (He will be back - he’s got an UNREAL body, is exceptionally talented and delightfully charming, can sing and dance AND has an accent - that’s like a freaking blueprint for Hot Manspiration Hall of Fame-dom!  Trust me, he WILL be back!)  In fact, E. and I have joked on several occasions that it should be illegal to even cast Mr. Jackman in a part that doesn’t require he remove his top at least once (or twice).  Funny how in spite of that I have chosen a clothed pic for your Manjoyment…I do apologize.  I couldn’t help myself.  I have a weak spot for wet men. 

Did I just say that out loud?  Bad Leah, very bad!

Anyhoo, here’s Hugh in all his barechested glory.  And how sweet, he’s with his kid.  Do I spy the first participant in next year’s Hot Man Diet Presents…A Very Special Tribute to Hot Dads?      

Next up, we have this request from T. in Silverlake, who was brilliant enough to send Her Hotness an entire list Hot Man Scott Speedmanof Manjoyment.  Smart girl, as she will probably appear on a few month’s worth of HMD R & D.  Her list was quite Hot, but the most surprising choice of all was Scott Speedman.  His looks are definitely worthy of inclusion, that’s not what was surprising.  I just couldn’t believe that I had forgotton about Ben, my weekly Hot Manspiration of the late 90’s, early 00’s!  Honestly, wasn’t Felicity just the best?!  I, for one, never missed an episode.  As it was pre-TiVo, I even had several blank tapes reserved specifically for Felicity duty, in case I wasn’t home.  Ahh, the many nights that my best friend Ann and I waged a ferocious Ben vs. Noel debate.  (I must admit, she was firmly planted on Team Ben.  I wavered.  Noel was a really great guy!)  In any event, the thing that is so Hot about present-day Scott Speedman is that as he matures, he reminds me more and more of Simon Baker…and that’s just about one of the highest compliments I can give!  He even pulled a Something New Simon Baker move, as he treated himself to some Hot interracial action with Michael Michele in Dark Blue ( a very good, highly underrated film, in my opinion).  Scott, Ben, Scott…I suspect that we have only hit the tip of your Hotberg.  Hugh is a lock for Hot Manspirationhood…are we to be seeing ye here again?…so far all signs point to Yes…    

And last, but certainly not least, we have this tasty bit ‘o honey for M. in NYC.  She writes, ” I ADORE your Hot Man Diet website….” (I had to slip that compliment in, sorry everyone!) “Please, please, please add my soon to be husband & constant fantasy - Daniel Sunjata, who plays Franco on Hot Man Daniel SunjataRescue Me…I would stop eating for him any day of the week.”  High praise, indeed!  That is EXACTLY what Hot Manspiration is all about.  I love it.  I can also…umm…confirm that this gent is indeed worth admiring, for I’ve seen ALL of him!  That’s right, I’ve seen Daniel Sunjata full on, bare assed naked!  Unfortunately it was not up close and personal, but instead from Orchestra Row R, Seat something or other, House Right.  He was in the Broadway production of Take Me Out playing the Derek Jeter-esque lead character.  (I say “-esque” because Daniel’s character was gay and DEREK JETER IS NOT GAY!)  There were MANY nude scenes in this show, including a shower scene that seemed to last forever (and yet, not long enough, if you know what I mean!).  I was there to cheer on my good friend Gene Gabriel (he’s the one farthest right in that linked shot above), who was also in the show.  (And also completely naked….and yes, it was weird to see my friend onstage completely naked…but a hearty congrats to his wife!)  So…to my good friend M. I say - admire on, my dear!  He is VERY MUCH worth it, from the rooty to the tooty!

Thank you all for the new Majoyment!  Who can think of food when there is such Hotness to behold?!

Enjoy your Labor Day.  I will be soaking up every inch of summer’s fading light, so this week’s Weekly Speak will be postponed ’till Tuesday.  See ya’ll then!!    

Have I missed your fave Hot Man?  Let me know what Manificence I may bring you!  Email your Request and Dedication to  

Sep 04
Hot Man Diet - Season Two Posted by Leah

Week 14:  down 1 pound (-18.5 total!)

Willkommen, Hot Man Dieteers!  And how does this lovely Tuesday evening find you all?  I am ever so sorry for my absence this morning…I had an…umm…interesting evening last night, and had I attempted to write this entry in the a.m. it would have looked something like this:



Needless to say, I chose not to write. 

I had wanted to write a thoughtful, elegant treatise on the nature of seasons and their strong influence on my own life patterns, wanted to state aloud my intentions for the fall, this most industrious of times (for me, anyway).  I had wanted to officially cast off Summer Leah (see The Examination of a Foe) so that it could give way to Fall Leah, a Leah that is focused and goal oriented, disciplined and determined, steady of mind and active of body, a lean, mean Hot Man Diet machine.  In my mind, Labor Day was always the benchmark, the date for the passing of the torch between these two selves.  I was to awaken on September 4th a new woman, healthier, wealthier and wiser, a phoenix rising from the ashes of her margaritas, an angel on her ascent to (food) freedom and (movie) stardom!  Oh, if only you knew, HMD’ers, what glory there was to have been, what wonder, what beauty, it would have taken your breath away!

Instead, I awoke this morning hung over, sweating miserably, trying desperately to remember the latter part of last night.  (I remember the third bar, I remember the sunset, I remember the lovely German boys who bought us beers….oooohhhhhh…NOW things make sense…)  

In short, SUMMER LEAH REFUSES TO LEAVE!  Damn her and her drunken carousing and her good times, good times!  She stormed in like a hurricane and has laid claim to the best of me…she has commandeered my attentions and corrupted my intentions with her seductive charms…but she cannot stay.  It cannot be!  Fall Leah MUST be given the chance to roam free or things could get ugly…a Leah divided against itself cannot stand!!   

All hyperbole aside, there is no denying that the time has come to hunker down and get to work, both literally and figuratively.  I haven’t the trust fund nor the liver to continue down this path.  I am a - gulp - grown ass woman who needs to start acting like a grown ass woman!  And yes, that does include having fun and going out and being social, but in a grown ass woman kind of way…not like a teenaged girl with a credit card, push-up bra and daddy issues. 

And so…

It may not be elegant or thoughtful, and most academics would cringe to call it a treatise, but hear me now - I WILL rock Hot Man Diet like a freaking superstar!  I WILL start doing something, anything!, about my career!  (Do ya’ll even know that I want to be an actress?)  Last but not least, I WILL be more focused on those two goals than I will be on partying and drinking and socializing!  I WILL BECAUSE I WILL IT!  I WILL take your breath away…so keep on coming back, kids, keep checking in!  The ascension begins…

When was the last time you got to watch someone become the self they’ve always dreamt they’d be?! 

Hot Manspiration of the Week:  Ahh, James Blake.  What a freaking tough loss, dude!  You should have had that match!  You should have advanced!  I saw the first hour - you were in rare form, speedy and light, razor sharp and lithe, aggressive and precise.Hot Man James Blake  What happened?! 

You are the perfect Hot Manspiration for me this week - you are talent and Hotness that must continually fight to stay ahead…you cannot rest on your laurels, else you lose your position, your rank…and the losses, while rough, never stop you on your journey, but instead make the wins that much sweeter…I can learn much from you, James Blake.  This was a rough Labor Day for us both, but it need not be the end of the story…it CANNOT be the end of the story…there is much more to tell, much more to do, much more to learn, MUCH more to accomplish…and we shall do it, shan’t we?  We shall!

Sep 10

Week 15: down 1.5 pounds

Down 20 pounds TOTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!  I am as happy as a pea in a pod, for I have finally achieved my first “milestone” weight loss.  As anyone who has ever attempted to lose a lot of weight knows, baby steps are VERY important.  Equally important - celebrating the many mini-milestones that we hit on the road to Hotness.  From the beginning, twenty pounds was always the first goal I was working towards, albeit quietly (one needn’t divulge everything, right?).  Now that I’m here, we’re going to (in the esteemed words of Kool and the Gang):

Celebrate good times, come on!   

There’s a party goin’ on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years
So bring your good times, and your laughter, too
I’m gonna celebrate some Hotness with you!

There is ABSOLUTELY no way I would have gotten here without my Hot Manspirations of the Week.  Each has allowed me to borrow a bit of their shining glory, each has allowed me a little piece of their place in the sun, and each continues to provide necessary Manjoyment.  No celebration would be complete without honoring them and their wonderful, amazing, inspirational, unyielding HOTNESS!!  Ladies and Gentleman, a salute to my Hot Manspirations of the Week - The First Twenty Pounds:

The Original Trifecta of Hotness - Derek Jeter

Hot Man Derek Jeter

George Clooney

Hot Man George Clooney

Daniel Craig

Hot Man Daniel Craig

 …And all the rest (in order of appearance):

Grady Sizemore

Hot Man Grady Sizemore

Nathan Fillion

Hot Man Nathan Fillion


Hot Man Common

Mos Def

Hot Man Mos Def

Simon Baker

Hot Man Simon Baker

Matthew McConaughey

Hot Man Matthew McConaughey

John Stamos

Hot Man John Stamos

Taye Diggs

Hot Man Taye Diggs

Clive Owen

Hot Man Clive Owen

Leonardo DiCaprio

Hot Man Leo DiCaprio

Savion Glover

Hot Man Savion Glover

Kyle Chandler

Hot Man Kyle Chandler

Paul Walker

Hot Man Paul Walker

Gerard Butler

Hot Man Gerard Butler

Alex Rodriguez

Hot Man Alex Rodriguez

Matt Damon

Hot Man Matt Damon

Denzel Washington

Hot Man Denzel Washington

John  F. Kennedy, Jr.

Hot Man John F. Kenndey, Jr.

Will Smith

Hot Man Will Smith

Jake Gyllenhaal

Hot Man Jake Gyllenhaal

Peter Sarsgaard

Hot Man Peter Sarsgaard

Jamie Foxx

Hot Man Jamie Foxx

James Blake

Hot Man James Blake


Sep 17
A Hot Man Diet Homecoming Posted by Leah

Hey ya’ll!!  Today’s Weekly Speak is coming to you live from Harrisburg, PA, Her Hotness’ hometown.  I couldn’t tell you guys about my mini-break because I came home to attend a surprise retirement party for my mother, an avid HMD reader.  Needless to say, the surprise went off without a hitch and a WONDERFUL time was had by all!  It was the best non-drinking party I’ve been to since my sweet sixteen (which was good times!).

Due to my trip, I will not be weighing in this week.  My mom’s scale is crazy weird - I don’t wanna even go there.  It is also impossible to write anything of note when one is surrounded by family…add to that the fact that mine is PARTICULARLY loud.  (As I write this we are watching the umpteenth episode of Law and Order of the day and furiously debating the relevance of Flavor of Love.)   The last excuse I will offer is that my mother, are you ready for this?, my mother has a dial-up connection(!!) which makes blogging an exercise in patience, patience I don’t have. 

Also, I could really use a glass of wine (there is no drinking in my mom’s house).  Oy!

Anyhoo, I will be back in LaLaLand Wednesday evening and will be back for good next Monday morning.  I will try, try, TRY to holler at ya’ll before the weekend.  In any event, I can assure you that the next few weeks will be Hotness Overload!  Get ready kids…there’s SO MUCH Hotness to come!

Sep 24
Hotness Interruptus Posted by Leah

Week 17…um, yeah…uhh…just keep reading…

Hello everyone!!  I’m back!  I have missed ya’ll more than I can say.  It felt SO weird to be away from you guys for so long, especially knowing that last Monday’s entry was less than stellar.  But I’m home, back to my wonderfully fast computer and my soon-to-be re-focused HMD lifestyle…and I have an explanation for this week’s missing weigh-in…

 My wee vacation left me with more than a wee cold, and I have spent the last few days in my apartment with an achy breaky body and a severely congested head.  This ’lil change of season cold could not have come at a worse time.  It has prevented me from getting back in the swing of things as I had hoped, nay, needed to do immediately upon returning home.  As I have stated before (see Road Tripping), vacations bring out the worst in me, eating-wise.  My quick romp through Harrisburg became an orgiastic foodfest - unhinge jaw, tilt back head, insert (delicious) crap.  My hometown may not be known for its cuisine, but let me tell ya’ll - Harrisburg has some good grub!  Good bad-for-ya grub.  Amazing Italian subs.  Tastycakes, which are IMPOSSIBLE to ignore and soooo easy to find.  The best potato chips and pretzels the Dutch Amish can produce.  Old-fashioned, stick to your ribs, made with real butter American food.  Soulful soul food - the one thing I thankfully missed in my brief sojourn!  The combination of this down home cooking and my skewered vacation mindset was nothing less than combustible.  Add to this the fact that I failed to spot one Hot Man that I was not related to (call me cocky, but I must say that my family is quite attractive!), and you have the recipe for a Hot Man Diet-aster, a Diet-astrophe, a Diet-geddon…to put it bluntly - shit that tain’t good

And then…to come home to a cold, oy!  I’ve got no energy to move, so exercise consists of shuffling from bed to couch to restroom and back.  I’ve got no food in the house and no desire to shop or cook, so everything I’ve eaten lately has come via drive-thru window or delivery boy.  I feel like a slug, a sloth, a lump on a log, a shell of the person I once was, and dammit if I don’t have a margarita soon I’m gonna freak out on somebody!!!  (Pardon that last outburst…I’ve been on the wagon for the past week for various and sundry reasons…thank god for that, because the lack of alcohol calories has definitely been the only bright spot in an otherwise dismal stretch…although a margarita would be really great right now…not that I need it…I just want it…that lovely limey concoction…the tempting tequila…oh, leave me alone!)

So now the question is…what to do?  How to get back on track?  Where to begin?

Hot Man Gerard ButlerHMD’ers, please allow me a moment of brutal honesty - were it not for you, my glorious Hot Man Dieteers, this would typically be the time where my weight-loss efforts would come to a crashing halt.  This trip, this rocky week, would herald the beginning of the end for all things healthy.  20 pounds lost would soon become 20 pounds found, and all the confidence and energy and pride that this journey has given me would be but a faint memory.  So I THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart, for it is because of you that I WILL NOT give up!!  Okay, it is because of you and Gerard Butler…and Derek Jeter…and Clooney, whatever, you get the picture!

Also, you guys have heard me give myself, what, a gajillion pep talks?  (Note to all struggling sports teams - yes Notre Dame, I’m talking to you - I give an EXCELLENT pep talk.  I have a flexible schedule and and reasonable rates.  You should totally call me, mmkay?)  Glorious as my speeches may be, I shant waste your time with yet another one.  No, this is the moment when all the grand pontificating needs to give way to grand actions.  For motivation I shall simply borrow a quote from myself, one of those lines I wrote in the heat of the moment that instantly became a new fave - I will because I will it.  I will get back on track because I will it.  It really is as simple as that.  The Hotness is still out there, waiting for me…it is mine for the taking…and I will because I will it! 

And don’t worry - I will be back next week, ready to weigh in and face the consequences, whate’er they may be…

Hot Manspirations of the Week:  When one is stuck on a plane and forced to watch a film as craptacular as Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, it helps when one of the actors in said film is unerringly HOT!!  No, I’m not talking about the dude with the buff bod who wishes he was as Hot as Paul Walker.  I’m talking about Ioan Gruffud, the “nerdy” one of the crew.  (Note - I gleaned all of this “plot” information while watching the movie without headphones, although I’m CERTAIN the dialogue would not have changed my opinion of this film in the least.  Ioan - you deserve better!  Michael Chiklis - you deserve better!  Andre Braugher - are you kidding me?!  You SO deserve better!  Jessica Alba - you deserve this crap.  Isn’t it time for you to go AWAY already?!)  Anyhoo…I’ve been keeping my eye on Ioan Gruffud ever since he provided snippets of Hotness in Titanic.  He’s Welsh (yet another Hottie from the UK - am I predictable or what?) and very, very talented.  And since I’m sure that many of you have no idea who in the hell he is, let me introduce you - Hot Man Dieteers, meet Ioan Gruffud (pronounced YO-an GRIFF-ith).  Ioan, meet my Hot Man Dieteers.  Damn, he’s Hot!

Hot Man Ioan Gruffud

This week’s other Hot Manspiration yet again comes from the good people of Netflix.  Despite the cabin fever that has erupted courtesy of my actual fever, I DID have some Manjoyment Hot Man Terrence Howardin my invalid state.  Ahh, Terrence Howard.  You’re a tall, dark glass of silky smooth chocolate milk, and I’m aiming to take a loooong drink.  Terrence came to me via Pride, a movie chronicling the true-life tale of Jim Ellis, who began one of Philadelphia’s first urban swim teams (yes, my people CAN swim!).  Two great things about this flick:  1) it has Bernie Mac in it, which is always a plus (summumabitch, I love Bernie Mac!) and 2) it affords the viewer MANY chances to see Terrence and some ridonkulously built alleged teens (they really do look a tad old) in nothing but Speedos.  Lovely.  Lovely.  

(You try spendng a week in Harrisburg and tell me if you don’t develop inappropriate feelings for half-naked Manboys!)    

Hot Man Diet Foe of the Week:  Are you there God?  It’s me, Leah.  I have a favor to axe - please let all of the stuff that has o’ertaken my nasal passages be gone and soon!  Oh, to have fully functioning sinuses!  To have clear eyes and a normal colored nose!  Health!  Health!  My kingdom for some health!  I was not meant for this life…I’m the good times, good times girl.  I’m supposed to be out in the world, laughing and happy, vibrant and vivacious, legs slung over a barstool, eyes scouring the crowd, spotting Manjoyment, enjoying Manjoyment…damn these pajamas!  Damn this mug of tea!  Damn this Tylenol Cold for Severe Head Congestion…damn them all…must..sleep…

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