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Yeah, yeah, you caught me!  It is indeed December 1st, and I am late in trotting out this month’s HMD R & D.  Pray forgive me, for I can offer up no excuse for my tardiness…all I can offer is the Hotness…so enjoy…and forgive…and ENJOY!

Let us begin with a gentleman that MANY people have been clamoring for since the first HMD R & D - Mark Ruffalo.  I am dedicating his appearance today to A. in the Valley, Hot Man Mark Ruffaloalthough the actual request came from her sister-in-law T., a great friend of mine.  A.  loves Mark Ruffalo.  T. loves Mark Ruffalo.  I love Mark Ruffalo.  My grandmother loves Mark Ruffalo.  (I have added and re-added Just Like Heaven to her Netflix list MANY times.)  Women love Mark Ruffalo.  Why?  He’s incredibly talented, for starters (and again, talent is one of the main components of effective Hot Manspiration).  You Can Count On Me was the film that launched his career - watch it and you will never again question Mark Ruffalo’s Hotness.  A wonderfully sensitive portrait of a wonderfully flawed and pained character started the film career he rightfully deserved.  To be honest, I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr. Ruffalo wishes he weren’t such a dreamboat, because he is much more of a smolderingly sexy character actor than Hollywood will let him be.  He’s fighting the good fight, to be sure, taking smaller, more interesting roles rather than romantic comedy after romantic comedy (although…and I can’t believe I’m saying this out loud, I LOVE 13 Going On 30!!  I do!  And I adore him in it!).  Mark - we love ya babe!  Congratulations - you’re A.’s Hot Manspiration of the Month. 

My next request comes from P. in Woodland Hills.  As she simply states, “Enrique Iglesias is my Paul Walker.”  Say no more!  Ya’ll know that I have a thing for Paul Walker, a Hot Man Enrique Iglesiashardcore, major thing for Paul Walker.  I think he’s as Hot as Hades, but I am constantly shamed by my Manjoyment of him.  But I’m here to speak the truth, and in this case the truth is thus - we ALL have a Paul Walker!  We all have that certain someone who moves us from the inside out for no reason we can truly verbalize save for this easiest of compliments - he’s Hot!  We all have that someone that we yearn for in secret, on the down low, under the covers with a flashlight and the shades drawn.  We all have that someone that we DO NOT bring up in good company else we lose our credibility amongst our friends.  Well, ladies and gents, enough is enough!  Manificence is a rare thing to behold, a rare thing indeed, so when we do we should scream from the rooftops…Enrique Iglesias is HOT!  Damn HOT!  He’s a cheeseball, but he’s HOT!  He dates idiots, but he’s HOT!  He thinks he’s god’s gift to women, and he’s a lil bit right cause he’s HOT!  And no, he’ll never crack the fortress of talent, hots and humility otherwise known as my Original Trifecta of Hotness (the only person seriously threatening to make that trio a foursome is Gerard Butler…sigh…), but did I totally stop and stare when he was on America’s Next Top Model?  Hells yeah!  (ANTM is one of my abso fave shows…here’s the video he shot with the ladies…by the way, how PISSED am I that the stripper from Jersey is gone!)  So for P. in Woodland Hills, I give you Enrique Iglesias.  See him.  Love him.  Manspiration is Manspiration, whene’er and howe’er it comes.  Don’t fight it!

Hot Man Bruce SpringsteenLast but certainly not least, we have a legend for a legend.  Miss Gee has been one of HMD’s most loyal, most vocal, and most passionate supporters from the moment the Hotness began.  Her commentary is often more entertaining than the entries themselves, so how, HOW could I not include her very first HMD R & D?  I admit, her choice gave me pause.  This particular dude doesn’t move me in me lady parts, he doesn’t set my heart a-flutter or make my stomach flip.  What he does is make music, the kind of music that leaves a gal like Miss Gee happily stranded on Manspiration Highway.  She writes, “The Boss.  Talented.  Classic.  Sexy.  A rock ‘n roll icon for the mothertrucking ages, man.  Writes things like ‘I’ll prove it Hot Man Bruce Springsteenall night, I’ll prove it all night, baby, I’ll prove it all night to you,’ and ‘I got a bad desire, Ooo Ooo Ooo I’m on fire,’ and ‘I’ll love you with all the madness of my soul. WHOA.’  Whoa indeed.  Whoa.  Wow.  What. A. Rock. Star.”  Clearly, I could not have said it any better.  What a rock star, indeed!  (I think my lady parts just moved!)  Bruce Springsteen - the badass with a nice ass, making his way into our tunnel of love with his haunting lyrics and jaggedly perfect voice…Miss Gee’s Hot Manspiration of the Month, nay, of her LIFE!  How perfect!

Hola people!

I know I say that a lot, but today I really mean it - hola people!  For the first time in HMD history (a long, storied epic drama only recently divulged to the masses) ALL THREE of this month’s Hot Man Diet Requests and Dedications are Latino!!  (Didn’t we know we’d be here someday, in the midst of a Hombre Caliente overload?  I mean, I could have called it months ago…Latin men are just Hot.  Hot.  Muy Caliente.  HOT!  They can dance and they can sing and ever since Menudo crash landed on my cultural radar at age ten, blasting open my black and white Pennsylvanian world…I must say…I was hooked…it is an odd fit next to my previously admitted Brit addiction, isn’t it?)  So let’s say we get started - we’ve got a Brazilian, a Cuban and a Mexican here for the viewing pleasure of two white girls and an Italian…don’t ya just love America?!

Also, all three of today’s requestees hail from the LBC (so much drama!), Long Beach, California…hmmm…now it’s all starting to make sense…

Let us begin in Brazil…This request comes from C., a lovely lady now currently in Italy Hot Man Kakabut undoubtedly STILL keeping on top of all things HMD (tee hee, I said on top).  She didn’t write much, only sent me a link with this missive, “So that you can see what I’m talking about.”  And I do.  I see.  And how!  Kaká is his name, although don’t let it fool you.  Oh no, there are no kids being dropped off at the pool here.  Instead, you’ve got a soccer player who’s been playing professionally since age 15 or so and who is ginormously successful.  He’s also ridonkulously popular, appearing in ads for Adidas and Armani.  Again, I see why.  He’s got a baby face and an athlete’s body, the kind of hair you’d like to run your hands through and a smile you could fall in and die.  Sigh!  One last thing to make him even Hotter - his real name is Ricardo.  So get your mind out of the gutter and start Manjoying yourself!  This one’s worth it.

Next we have this request from A, who sends along her query ’bout a bit o’ honey - “Have you featured Eduardo Verástegui? OMG - he is Hot!!”  Again, I DO NOT DISAGREE!!  A huge soap opera star in his native Mexico, Eduardo may be familiar to those of you smart enough to have caught Chasing Papi (I am sad to say I cannot count myself among you, for I Hot Man Eduardo Verasteguimissed that one…I hear that it is dee-lightful, though this same person considered it woefully misrepresented in its ad campaign…let’s say we all put this one on our Netflix list, eh?)  Beyond that I’m afraid I don’t have much to say…this one is so new to me…but let’s face it - with arms like that, does what I say even matter?!  Are you even still reading this shit?  Seriously?!  Look at that man and entertain the thought of him getting out of your pool (let’s hope you didn’t drop the kids off there) and walking over to you all glistening and wet and Hot and one swim trunk away from naked Manificence and you’re standing there holding a towel for him to dry himself with but he grabs the towel and throws it on the ground and grabs you and kisses you with all the fervor his bad Mantentions can bring and then all of a sudden a woman shows up with gun cocked and cries out “Eduardo!  Hijo de puta, hoy es el dia de nuestra boda!” and then shots ring out and someone screams and someone falls and then…then…then we cut to commercial. 

Whooo…sorry kids!  I fell into a telenovela there for a second…

Okay, so this last gent is one we are all familiar with - Andy Garcia.  This request comes Hot Man Andy Garciafrom E., who went so far as to specify a “young Andy Garcia”.  Well, we here at HMD are by no means ageist, not when the median age of our Original Trifecta of Hotness sails well north of 35, not when we still appreciate the silver foxy Hotness of the Paul Newmans of the world, no sirree, not us!  And to give Hotness credit where credit is due, Andy Garcia has aged remarkably well.  So I’ve come up with a compromise - I’ve got a pic that I think falls midway between a young and current day (I’ll NOT call him old!) Andy Garcia.  It’s pretty effing Hot.  And I know E. would agree!  (I’m giving her a hard time but I totally jest…specifications are welcome on Hot Man Diet…I mean, I am planning a future shout-out to a young Marlon Brando, and you can bet your ass I will be uber-clear that I do indeed mean a YOUNG Marlon Brando…’cause he was so freaking Hot when he was young, but he was so freaking not when he got old)  E. - I kid because I love!  Enjoy the Hotness of ageless Andy Garcia…he’s here for you!       

Have a wonderful weekend!  Safe travels to all of you heading home for the holidays.  As for me, I’ll be stuck in a mall doing some VERY last minute shopping.  Wish me great parking spots and short checkout lines!  I’ll see you guys next Monday with a Christmas Eve HMD.  Toodles!     

Aaah, our very first HMD R & D of 2008…

While this month may not be the muy caliente HMD R & D of December, there is still some serious Hotness to feast our eyes upon.  Do we need it?  Hells yeah, we do!!  January is one mean mother of a month, all post-holiday blues and resolution blues and weather blues and when-the-hell-is-Memorial-Day?! blues…let’s smack this biotch up, add some sizzle to the mix and remind ourselves of EXACTLY why we bought that gym membership three weeks ago…say it…saayyyyy itttttttt….

Nothing tastes as good as a Hot Man feels!

And how!

We’ve got some repeat requestees this month, which means two things: 1) these peeps have great taste in Hot Men, and 2) all the rest of you peeps have been keeping mum with regards to the Mancandy.  Speak up, people!  Speak up, else this site will be all Gerard Butler all the time…Gerard…sigh…email your request to herhotness@hotmandiet.com today!

Anyhoo, our first request comes courtesy of the ever brilliant T. in Echo Park.  Ya’ll may recall that T. took it upon herself to send Her Hotness an entire list of R & Ds…a savvy Hot Man Luke Wilsonmove that has made her a veritable Request and Dedication fixture.  She’s here again with some serious Hotness - Luke Wilson.  Apart from the fact that Old School has become one of my favorite movies EVER, Luke Wilson deserves this Manspiration status because of his incredibly endearing personality.  He’s as charming as all get out, with an ability to be achingly vulnerable but never a pansy.  That’s a tough one to pull off.  And while he isn’t classically good-looking (for the record, HMD is not ALL about classically good-looking…I totally understand that quirky/different/unique/edgy/Scottish can be HOT!), he definitely seems like good times, good times, the kind of guy you have so much fun with your cheeks hurt from smiling.  That’s also a tough one to pull off.  And then there’s my absolute favorite Luke Wilson moment in The Family Stone, when he tells Sarah Jessica Parker’s character that she has to let her freak flag fly high and proud…ohmigod, I have been waiting for a man to tell me that my entire life!!!  SO perfect…you just gotta love him.  And we do.  Lots.

This next piece of Manificence comes from T. in Seattle, the gent who shall henceforth and Hot Man Victor Websterforever more also be known as The Brilliant One.  It was he who introduced me to Gerard Butler (sigh!), the only Hot Man to ever penetrate (tee hee, I said penetrate) my Original Trifecta of Hotness.  His latest request is Victor Webster, an actor whose name you probably won’t recognize but whose Hotness seems familiar.  He’s one of those ridonkulously Hot journeyman actors who’s had small parts on a gajillion big time tv shows and big parts on a gajillion small time tv shows.  T. pointed out his Sex and the City guest spot…remember when Samantha moved to the meatpacking district and met her new yuppie neighbor and then tied him up but before they could have any fun the police came to arrest him for insider trading?  Guess that yuppie!  In looking for pics of this Hottie I came across a bunch of beefcakey shots like this…turns out our Mr. Webster here once posed for Playgirl!  T. also gave me this link to a funny youtube video…you may want to skip this one at work…but enjoy it nonetheless.  He’s definitely all kinds of Mantacular…T. - thank you (again)!  

We round out this month’s shot o’Hotness with a freaking classic.  This is a Hot Man for Hot Man Michael Jordanthe ages, so special, so talented, in a league of his own and without peer…ladies and gentleman, I give you Michael Jordan.  The first (only?) basketball player to ever keep me glued to the tv.  He’s here at the behest of my good friend V., also in Seattle.  She didn’t say much, only stated his name to me with an implicit understanding that I would know what to do.  I do.  I am here to reach back into the past, not too far, just a ‘lil bit, to claim this piece of Hotness for us all.  Because we ALL loved him, we ALL were amazed by his sheer athleticism, the seeming perfection of him on that effing court.  And we ALL must admit that for all of the records, all of the rings, all of the MVPs and championship moments, all of the sneakers, all of the deserved hoopla, in the end we ALL wanted to be like Mike.  Because Mike was Hot…and still is…

Okay kids, I’m off like a prom dress.  I’m so mega-uber-back on track this week it ain’t funny…Monday shall be very, very interesting…


Week 40:  down 1.5 pounds (-34.5 pounds total!)

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re sitting there drinking your coffee, doing your Monday morning HMD check in before it’s time to dive into your workday.  You’re probably pissed at me because an entry I promised would be up and running on Wednesday never, ever materialized.  So now you’re looking at this entry and you’re looking at the title and you’re looking at the date and thinking to yourself that THIS is the most bass ackward thing I’ve done in a looonng time…

Hot Man George ClooneyYou’re right! 

I am here to say that YES this is Sunday and YES I am totally cereal because YES I intend to combine my Weekly Speak and my monthly HMD R & D and do them both, together, on a Sunday freaking night!!!  Holy crap!!

But honest and for reals ya’ll, this past week was crazy!  I had the best Mantentions in the world, was gonna be so “good” and “responsible” and “not a drunken whore” for my week o’ birthday celebrations.  I was!  And, to a certain extent, I managed to control myself.  Gone was the crassness of last year’s birthday party Moment of the Night, which consisted of a slightly soused me having the following interchange with that evening’s Hot Bartender - Me: If your cock were a margarita, which one would it be?  Hot Bartender (excitedly): Rolls Royce baby!  Me: Then that’s the one I want. 

Classy, eh? 

Gone, too, was the vomiting that occurred about an hour or so later (thank God!…I mean, I’m a world class boot and rally-er, but I’d like to think I’m old enough now to hold my liquor…besides, who the hell carries extra scrunchies in their purse anymore!  I wouldn’t have anything to hold my hair back!  Sometimes a girl just needs a stinking scrunchy!!)

Don’t get me wrong, I did drink.  I opened the hatch and let the ships sail in.  I hopped off the wagon and it ran over me in its haste to leave town.  I tapped kegs, uncorked bottles, twisted off caps, told the liquor to pour thee in me and let me be as I sat on barstools, Hot Man Daniel Craigstadium seats, bike seats, as I enjoyed myself with friends at a bowling alley, an outdoor pub, a Lakers game and a Long Beach dive…in short, I had some good times, GOOD TIMES!  And so some things HAD to be sacrificed to the birthday event gods…first to go - my Wednesday HMD R & D entry.  Second thing  - working out.  Yikes!

But here are two things I managed to do correctly -  1) I ate my veggies (seriously, I tried to cram as many veggies as possible into every non-celebratory meal) and 2) I said 2008 is all about the date and I meant it, dammit!  I may have been a drunken something this week, but I was most certainly NOT a drunken whore!  (Baby steps, people.  You gotta walk before you can run.) 

Anyhoo, out of panic and fear that my imbibing would spell doom come Monday, I hopped on the scale this morning to see the damage.  To my utter shock, the numbers came out in my favor.  So I’m running with it.  I wrote it down, it’s in the books and this week my job is to make sure that last week’s hoochfest yields no palpable aftershocks on my personal richter scale.  Why not just write the entry at the same darn time and give myself a few extra zzz’s on a Monday morn?  Hell, why not just combine this entry with the uber-late and counting February R & D that is so special I dare not skip it?  Speaking of…   

Hot Man Derek JeterAaahh, our Hot Man Diet Requests and Dedications - February…hmmm, I wonder who they are?  I wonder who requested them?  To whom are they dedicated?  Funny, that dashing gent in the suit looks to be none other than George Clooney himself…hmmm…has he ever even been on Hot Man Diet…he really wears that suit…Oh wait, don’t I recognize that feller in the swim trunks, haven’t I seen that picture of him before…yeah, that’s Craig, Daniel Craig…something about the cut of his chest makes me believe in heaven…and yes, of course that’s Derek Jeter…I mean, this is the side of him I PREFER, but I still recoginze the eyes and the smile and the dimples and the glory hallelujah of the rest of his body…but why these three?  And again I ask, WHO requested and/or dedicated them?


Clooney.  Jeter.  Craig.  How can a girl truly celebrate her birthday without celebrating the three men from which all Hotness flows?  This month I requested my Original Trifecta of Hotness, and this month I dedicate their Hotness to me and me alone!  (If you haven’t met my OTH check out How The Hotness Began.)  ‘Tis my bday present to myself…so Hot…so very Hot…I love them all…and yet, something is missing…

 Hot Man Gerard Butler

Aha!  Gerard “I’ve got the accent and the body, clearly I was sent here by the devil himself” Butler.  NOW the celebration is complete! 

(And over.  My liver just went on strike.)

Week 44: down 2 pounds (-42.5 total!)

Well, well…I finally managed to get an HMD R & D done on time.  Kudos to me, kudos to me!  And yet, ’twas ever so easy, considering I had some great suggestions.  Aaah, my lovely beauties, my Hot Man Dieteers, for whom does my heart beat?  It beats for thee, for you all make my life so easy, so effortless, so very stinking HOT!  And so if you request Hot, I shall provide it.  If you dedicate Hot, I shall comply.  It is the least I can do!

This month we have a gentleman, a geek and a stud.  Which one is Hot, Hotter and Hottest?  You decide!

Let’s start with this request from L. in New York City.  (By the way, if you feel the earth shaking it is because my loins are afire and aflame…it is Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, my baseball season has officially begun, and I am already o’erwhelmed and Hot Man Christopher Gorhamo’ercome with Hotness…Here we go Yankees, here we go!  Clap, clap!)  L. writes, “Seriously, the first person I thought of (who I don’t think you’ve covered already) is the kid that plays Betty’s boyfriend on Ugly Betty.  He’s hot in that boyish geeky way (have you guessed that I like the geeks? tee hee!)  I just love watching him- maybe I’m just in love with his character- and there was one episode when he took his shirt off… Um, Hello!  There is some major hotness under that accountant shirt and tie.  So there you go, my first HMD request: Christopher Gorham”.  You know, I love me some Henry, too.  He pulls of Hot Geek better than anyone else on tv right now, save for that Hot Bald Dude who hosts Cash Cab - anyone know that dude’s name?  Anyhoo, I couldn’t agree with your choice more, L. from NYC (Go Yanks!).  And yes, you clearly like the geeks…but tell your hubby you said it, not me!  P.S.  Here’s the topless moment referenced earlier.  Holy crap!  I wish my accountant looked like that!  Hell, I wish my geeky neighbor, whom I suspect harbors a slight crush on Her Hotness, looked like that.  Wait - maybe he does…

Next up we have a dual request  - E. from Long Beach and T. from Echo Park sent a tandem request for “ the hot guy who plays Kirby on Lipstick Jungle“.  Apart from my surprise that someone actually watches Lipstick Jungle - seriously, it looks kinda crappy, Hot Man Robert Buckleyalthough Brooke Shields looks FABULOUS, you go girl! - I have to admit that I had no idea who in the hell this Kirby kid was.  And me not knowing Hotness is like a flower not knowing the sun…or something like that (I suck at analogies, don’t laugh!).  But I found him, oh yes, Her Hotness found the Hotness that is Robert Buckley.  He’s young ya’ll, so young.  My heart hurts when I yearn for someone whose birth date includes the number eight where the number seven or the number six should be.  And yet, my lady parts know not of age and are in complete agreement with E. and T. that this young ‘un might just be the second coming of Scott Speedman…and you know how much we LOVE Scott Speedman…when does this Lipstick Jungle air, anyways?  Maybe I shall give a try after all…in the name of research, of course…my, oh my…I must open a window…

My last request comes from A. from Venice, long time reader, second time requester.  She didn’t write but instead made her request over the phone.  She asked if Don Cheadle had Hot Man Don Cheadleever been featured.  I was ashamed to admit he had not.  We then launched into a ten minute conversation about Why Don Cheadle Rocks.  Seriously - Don Cheadle rocks!  Why does he rock?  Let me count the ways - 1) he’s undeniably one of the most talented actors working in Hollywood today, 2) he is held in such high esteem by his peers that Crash director Paul Haggis allegedly cast Don first, knowing that other high caliber actors would sign on for the chance to work with him, 3) he managed to pull of the Rick James braids ‘n beads look (for a ’lil bit) in Boogie Nights, 4) his performance in Out of Sight still scares the bejesus out of me, 5) his performance in Hotel Rwanda still makes my heart hurt and 6) he’s putting his money where his mouth is and is actively raising awareness about the devastating situation in Darfur, traveling to Sudan with members of Congress and co-authoring “Not on Our Watch: The Mission to End Genocide in Darfur and Beyond”.  This is quiet humanitarianism at its best, a true gentleman, classy, talented, worthy of every accolade anyone could ever give him…a Hot Man for the ages, one of the very best men we have.  What more could you ask for?

Haven’t seen your favorite Hot Man on HMD?  Send your Request and Dedication to herhotness@hotmandiet.com today!      

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