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Hello HMD’ers!  I hope this special entry finds you happy, healthy and wise.  I am doing pretty well myself, having just gone shopping because my clothes are too big!  Yup, what a fabulous reason to bust out the credit cards.  Fabulous!

I am here to give ya’ll a special pre-4th of July treat.  I aim to send you guys off to barbeque hell (or heaven, let’s be honest here) with an arsenal of Hotness to keep you on track.  To that end, I am proud to present the virgin (tee hee) showing of what will be a monthly feature - Hot Man Diet Requests and Dedications.  This is Hot Manspiration at its finest, because this is where you, HMD’ers, get to choose the featured Hot Men!  Maybe they’ve been featured before but you want a second (closer?, naked-er?) look.  Maybe they’ve never been featured cause they don’t do it for me (I won’t be offended…the less women that like Derek Jeter the better my chances!).  Maybe they’re completely off the beaten path but rock your no-cookie-eating world!  Tell me who you want, and I’ll try my best to give ‘em to ya. Hot Man Ryan Reynolds

This first batch of HMD R & D is pretty Mantacular, if’n I may say so myself.  You guys have great taste in Hot Men.  I may be borrowing some of this Hotness during my weaker moments this weekend, because, everybody repeat after me, nothing tastes as good as a Hot Man feels™!!! 

To start us off we have a pic that’s going out to T. in Long Beach.  She’s been raving about this boy for years.  I never really got it…until now.  Look at that Manificence.  Don’t you want to just…feel him?  Ryan Reynolds, welcome to Hot Man Diet.  You are T.’s Hot Manspiration of the Month!    

Hot Man John MayerOur next HMD Request and Dedication goes out to L. in Brooklyn.  She writes, “May I suggest a John Mayer pic?  I know it’s cheesy, but I love him.”  Rule number one - never apologize for your Hot Manspiration!  Accept him, whoever he is, because if he is enough to make you put down that doughnut that’s all you need!  So for L. in the BK, here is John Mayer, your Hot Manspiration of the Month.  (I acknowledge that the cheese factor is probably courtesy of the ex-Jessica in his life.  I cannot judge, however, as Mr. Jeter has dated several Jessicas.  Even Mr. Reynolds above is said to be dating/have dated a Jessica.  They are EVERYWHERE, those stinking Jessicas.  Apparently Jessica is the new Heather.  Where are Christian Slater and Winona Ryder when  you need them?)

Our last bit o’ Hotness comes at the behest of H. in Lakewood, who fell under the spell of Hot Man Paul Ruddthe seriously adorable Paul Rudd after seeing Knocked Up.  (I must point out that he’s been seriously adorable for some time now, starting with the seriously adorable Clueless.)  He’s the Hot Man that makes you laugh.  And while, everybody repeat after me, nothing tastes as good as a Hot Man feels™, things taste even worse when said Hot Man can also make you roar with laughter.  It’s the thinking woman’s aphrodisiac…well, that and The Daily Show.  Congratulations, Paul Rudd.  You’re H.’s Hot Manspiration of the Month. 

Would you like to see your Hot Manspiration in next month’s HMD Requests and Dedications?  Send your request via email to

Have a grand weekend!  See you Monday.

I told you I’d be here every month!

First off, let me say again - ya’ll have GREAT taste in men!!  I am drooling like a mo fo up in here!!  I’m cereal.  There is some serious Hotness out there that I have yet to meet, and I look forward to you guys sending them my way.

I received many requests (keep ‘em coming!).  However, to reserve some of the Hotness for a later date I have chosen only three peeps to put on display this month.  If your request wasn’t chosen don’t worry!  Either I am saving it for a future HMD R & D or for something else equally exciting.  I can assure you that EVERY request has been noted and will be delivered.  I promise.

Shall we begin?Hot Man Josh Duhamel

Our first request comes from A. in Los Angeles (are you in LA, Aelmy?) who, ya’ll may recall, was the first ever Hot Man Dieter of the Week.  She writes, “Her Hotness, I know you have already posted my number one Manspiration, Matty Mc, but I am also a HUGE fan of Josh Duhamel. And my current plan is to continue on this Hot Man Diet so that I can knock Fergie out of the running and show Josh that he really wants something that tastes Aelmylicious.” 

While getting rid of Fergie (hopefully) is a lovely bonus to this HMD R & D, there’s no denying that Josh Duhamel is indeed one Hot Man.  He usually walks too much on the pretty side of the road for my taste, hence the rather rough and tumble pic of him I’ve chosen.  For a more classic Duhamel look, click here.  For a very naked (I’m cereal, do NOT open this at work!) pic of Mr. Duhamel click here.

Hot Man Benjamin BrattOur next Hot Manspiration comes courtesy of S. in Long Beach.  “I would like to submit a little forgotten Manspiration, Mr. Benjamin Bratt.  He represents the best of both worlds with his Germanic and Peruvian roots.  A Hot bi-cultural Man, the future of our country!  Wooo hooo, can’t wait to see this hottie on your website.  Many hugs and thanks a bunch!”  You are welcome! 

Julia - what were you thinking?!  How could you leave this Hottie in exchange for dude, what the hell is his name, Motor?  Mulder?  Molder?  Moldier is what it should be, because is it just me or does homeboy look pissy all the time?  Benjamin Bratt, you’re OUR kind of Man - the Hot kind! 

And last, but DEFINITELY not least, we have Gerard Butler.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking - who the hell is Gerard Butler?  Well, this request comes to us from Catia on behalf of her friend T. in Seattle.  I’ve met T. once, a lovely gent who told me I had big hair (no big deal, when it is in its full glory my hair can indeed take over rooms).  Had I known that T. would be the person to introduce me to Gerard Butler, I would have kissed him smack dab on the lips.  Seeing as how that is precisely what he doesn’t want, I’m sure he’s happy with the way things turned out.  I certainly am!  OHMIGOD YA’LL I AM IN LOVE!!!  That Man is HOTTTTTT!  He was in the movie 300, and if I had known that under this there was this, I totally would have seen it a gajillion times, cause that Man is HOTTTTTTT! 

Hot Man Gerard Butler

I am verklempt.  I am o’erwhelmed.  I feel as if I have just discovered a new world.  The sun has broken open, and in its cascading rays of light I see heaven anew, for I have found new Hotness.  You know, you think you know all the Hotness there is to know and then…then…some glorious, wonderful soul adds another hidden treasure to the list…and we can offer nothing back but humble gratitude…

Gerard Butler is Scottish (Yay accent!), is built like a shit brickhouse, will soon be a huge movie star, and reminds me of Daniel Craig in all the right ways.  He even took over Daniel’s sexy-talented-UK-actor-who-will-be-forced-to-have-”chemistry”-with-a-wooden-Angelina-Jolie part in the Tomb Raider sequel.  There is something about this man that absolutely moves me.  Gerard Butler will be on HMD again.  Me likey!  Me likey a LOT!

Well, that does it for this month’s Hot Man Diet Requests and Dedications.  I’ll see you again this Monday, when we all find out if I’ve been able to get myself back on track.  (It is Friday night and I’m not drunk…that’s a good sign.)

Don’t let your Hot Manspiration pass you by!  Email your HMD Request and Dedication to

It is September - I KNOW!  Please do forgive me.  All plans to write this long-awaited entry were pushed aside as Her Hotness made an emergency trip to Malibu.  (My life is SO hard!)  But I’m back, and there is NO WAY I’d let the hottest month of the year go by without giving some shout-outs to my favorite Hot Man Dieteers.  Let us all bid a fond adieu to summer with some serious Hotness…I give you this month’s Hot Man Diet Requests and Dedications!

To start us off, we have a Hot Man who has been requested by not one, but two fair HMD’ers.  And let’s face it - Hugh Hot Man Hugh JackmanJackman DESERVES the adulation!  He’s here at the behest of A. in Minneapolis and E. in Pasadena, both of whom have been waiting very patiently for Hugh’s HMD debut.  (He will be back - he’s got an UNREAL body, is exceptionally talented and delightfully charming, can sing and dance AND has an accent - that’s like a freaking blueprint for Hot Manspiration Hall of Fame-dom!  Trust me, he WILL be back!)  In fact, E. and I have joked on several occasions that it should be illegal to even cast Mr. Jackman in a part that doesn’t require he remove his top at least once (or twice).  Funny how in spite of that I have chosen a clothed pic for your Manjoyment…I do apologize.  I couldn’t help myself.  I have a weak spot for wet men. 

Did I just say that out loud?  Bad Leah, very bad!

Anyhoo, here’s Hugh in all his barechested glory.  And how sweet, he’s with his kid.  Do I spy the first participant in next year’s Hot Man Diet Presents…A Very Special Tribute to Hot Dads?      

Next up, we have this request from T. in Silverlake, who was brilliant enough to send Her Hotness an entire list Hot Man Scott Speedmanof Manjoyment.  Smart girl, as she will probably appear on a few month’s worth of HMD R & D.  Her list was quite Hot, but the most surprising choice of all was Scott Speedman.  His looks are definitely worthy of inclusion, that’s not what was surprising.  I just couldn’t believe that I had forgotton about Ben, my weekly Hot Manspiration of the late 90’s, early 00’s!  Honestly, wasn’t Felicity just the best?!  I, for one, never missed an episode.  As it was pre-TiVo, I even had several blank tapes reserved specifically for Felicity duty, in case I wasn’t home.  Ahh, the many nights that my best friend Ann and I waged a ferocious Ben vs. Noel debate.  (I must admit, she was firmly planted on Team Ben.  I wavered.  Noel was a really great guy!)  In any event, the thing that is so Hot about present-day Scott Speedman is that as he matures, he reminds me more and more of Simon Baker…and that’s just about one of the highest compliments I can give!  He even pulled a Something New Simon Baker move, as he treated himself to some Hot interracial action with Michael Michele in Dark Blue ( a very good, highly underrated film, in my opinion).  Scott, Ben, Scott…I suspect that we have only hit the tip of your Hotberg.  Hugh is a lock for Hot Manspirationhood…are we to be seeing ye here again?…so far all signs point to Yes…    

And last, but certainly not least, we have this tasty bit ‘o honey for M. in NYC.  She writes, ” I ADORE your Hot Man Diet website….” (I had to slip that compliment in, sorry everyone!) “Please, please, please add my soon to be husband & constant fantasy - Daniel Sunjata, who plays Franco on Hot Man Daniel SunjataRescue Me…I would stop eating for him any day of the week.”  High praise, indeed!  That is EXACTLY what Hot Manspiration is all about.  I love it.  I can also…umm…confirm that this gent is indeed worth admiring, for I’ve seen ALL of him!  That’s right, I’ve seen Daniel Sunjata full on, bare assed naked!  Unfortunately it was not up close and personal, but instead from Orchestra Row R, Seat something or other, House Right.  He was in the Broadway production of Take Me Out playing the Derek Jeter-esque lead character.  (I say “-esque” because Daniel’s character was gay and DEREK JETER IS NOT GAY!)  There were MANY nude scenes in this show, including a shower scene that seemed to last forever (and yet, not long enough, if you know what I mean!).  I was there to cheer on my good friend Gene Gabriel (he’s the one farthest right in that linked shot above), who was also in the show.  (And also completely naked….and yes, it was weird to see my friend onstage completely naked…but a hearty congrats to his wife!)  So…to my good friend M. I say - admire on, my dear!  He is VERY MUCH worth it, from the rooty to the tooty!

Thank you all for the new Majoyment!  Who can think of food when there is such Hotness to behold?!

Enjoy your Labor Day.  I will be soaking up every inch of summer’s fading light, so this week’s Weekly Speak will be postponed ’till Tuesday.  See ya’ll then!!    

Have I missed your fave Hot Man?  Let me know what Manificence I may bring you!  Email your Request and Dedication to  

Hola people!

This month’s HMD R & D is bought to you by men’s facial hair (see pics below) and by margaritas, one of which I am enjoying right now!  Yes, it is Friday evening and I love ya’ll SO much that I have forsaken my social life and confined myself to the squalor of my apartment just to bring you some Hotness.  (And I even had some good hair going today, too…I hope you appreciate this!)  Let’s see what yummy goodness we have going this month…

All three of our requests come from some of my best gals in the Los Angeles area.  They are three of my fave Hot Man Dieteers, loyal, attentive and, most importantly, PATIENT, as each of these requests was given to Her Hotness months ago!  Ladies - I am so sorry I made you wait soooo long!  One should never have to wait for Hotness.  To thank you for your perserverance, I have included not one, but TWO pics of your HMD R & D!  Talk about doubling your pleasure…it is time for some Hotness squared!

Hot Man Gael Garcia BernalFor A. in Venice, we have Gael Garcia Bernal.  In fact, A. immediately requested Gael the second she heard of my intentions to do requests and dedications.  It is easy to see why.  Holy moly, look at those eyes.  The color of honey mixed with money, they are absolutely mesmerizing.  Her Hotness has a soft spot for dark men with light eyes (see Derek Jeter), and this one doesn’t disappoint.  Chiseled face, gorgeous skin, and utterly kissable lips that erupt into the brightest of bright smiles…aaahhhh.  Add to that his active participation in a number of social causes and his unwavering commitment to Mexican cinema (when Hollywood would gladly turn him into Antonio Banderas, Part Dos), and you have the kind of thoughtful, principled man that turns Hotness on its head - he’s the thinking woman’s heartthrob (just ask Natalie Portman…she still hasn’t recovered from this ’un).   Have you seen Y tu mamá Hot Man Gael Garcia Bernaltambién?  If the answer is no, then immediately get thee to a place where movies are rented or sold and rent or buy it, for it is BRILLIANT!  Add to that Amores Perros, The Motorcycle Diaries and El Crimen del padre Amaro and you have the best Mexican (s)export since Salma Hayek (who used to be my standard “If I had to do a woman…” woman.  My latest choice - Shakira.  Have you SEEN what she can do with her abs?!  She is my hero!).  Gael Garcia Bernal, congratulations.  You are A.’s Hot Manspiration of the month!

If I didn’t include this next gent this month I would have lost a friend(and probably gotten Hot Man Ryan Goslinga black eye).  My friend T. in Long Beach is madly, passionately, full throttle in L-O-V-E (or should I say L-U-S-T?) with Ryan Gosling.  I think her thing for him started pre-The Notebook, but that movie only solidified his place in her heart.  Who can blame her?  Homeboy is good-looking!  He even makes scruffy work for him - it makes him manlier.  While I personally am NOT a fan of The Notebook (although I have had to add and re-add it to my grandmother’s Netflix list a gajillion times, she falls over herself for that movie!), I am a huge fan of the rest of Ryan’s work (see Back on Track!).  Like Mr. Bernal before him, Ryan Gosling makes some interesting, quirky, gutty movie choices (The Believer, which is also brilliant!), especially considering that his good looks could make him a helluva lot more money were he to pimp them out to the Fantastic Four or some other such nonsense.  My one quibble - it was very hard to find Hot Man Ryan GoslingHot pics of Mr. Gosling sans cigarette.  Her Hotness would like you all to know that Hot Man Diet is following in the well-shod footsteps of this season’s America’s Next Top Model and is staunchly anti-smoking!  Thank you, Tyra Banks, for showing me the way.  I have always felt that the one thing bringing down your (largely) uneducated, emaciated contestants was the fact that they smoked!  Now I can be free to worship them all, as I wait with baited breath to find out who will be America’s…next……top………….model.  (P.S.  All of my snarkiness will gladly go out the window if anyone knows Tyra or can get me on her show to talk about Hot Man Diet.  Cereally, I do love that ANTM!  It is SUCH a relief to finally know how to smile with my eyes!  Thank God for you, Tyra Banks!) 

One last note on ANTM and then I should probably get back to slobbering over Ryan Gosling - I totally hope that stripper from Jersey wins.  Okay, let’s get back to Hotness…

Ryan, you’re Hot.  Don’t change.  Except the smoking. 

Hot Man Keanu ReevesLast but never least, we have the senior member of this Tour de Hotness - Keanu Reeves.  He’s here at the behest of my pal H. in Venice, who has been axing for him forever.  Now, I know that a good number of people out there do not think that Mr. Reeves is the best of actors.  His “whoa”s have been made fun of, his line delivery has been vilified by many, his occasionaly wooden demeanor has turned some off.  I’m not one of them.  I am an unabashedly huge fan of Keanu Reeves.  I have loved him since Bill and Ted took the San Dimas mall by storm.  I have loved him since he had bad hair and dated Martha Plimpton in Parenthood (side note - can anyone explain the late 80’s fascination with Martha freaking Plimpton?!  Seriously, I DON’T GET IT!  I’m busting my hump over here to lose 20 pounds and up the Hotness factor of the men I Hot Man Keanu Reevessnag and SHE gets Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix??!?!?!?!!!  GET OUTTA HERE!  I call bulls*t!)  You name it, I found something Hot about Keanu Reeves in it - the wetsuit in Point Break, the haircut and muscles in Speed, the clean shaven cougar-chasing in Something’s Gotta Give, the rippled physique in The Matrix.  But I must admit, The Lake House did me in.  He’s older now, grown into his body, into his bulk, his face not so much pretty as it now is handsome.  I thought he was just sexy as hell in that movie, so much so that I have added and re-added it to MY Netflix list a gajillion times.  Keanu - it has been our extreme pleasure to watch you morph from pretty boy to Hot Man.  Whoa, indeed.

 This wraps up another Hot Man Diet Requests and Dedications!  Don’t forget to check back EVERY MONDAY for my Weekly Speak.  I’ll see ya’ll then.  Have a great weekend!  


Ahh, October…what Hotness shall ye bring?  You have definitely served some up some nasty tricks - a miserable end to a scrappy Yankee season, crazy vicious fires to the north, east and south of me, and two Octoberfests that were both boy disappointments.  (Octoberfest #2 failed to live up to sexpectations, people.  He’s done and gone and good riddance to him!  P.S.  If you’ve no idea what in the hell I’m talking about, see last week’s entry below.)  To top it off, I find myself housebound and sick on this, the night of a million Halloween parties!  How craptacular is that?

But for every trick, is there not a treat?  And how!  In spite of the fever, in spite of all that ails me, I still have the Hotness!  Hotness provided by you, my glorious, wonderful Hot Man Dieteers.  Let’s sneak this one in a ‘lil early, shall we.  Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Hot Man Diet Requests and Dedications - October!

Hot Man Eric BanaTo start us off, we again turn to T. in Echo Park, the brilliant lass who sent Her Hotness an entire list of HMD R & Ds.  Scott Speedman was the first to make an appearance.  This month, we highlight Eric Bana.  HOT!  Hot.  Hot.  Hot.  Great actor.  Hot!  Dark, curly hair.  Hot!  Crooked smile.  Hot!  Australian accent.  Super Hot!  And that physique…my god, it is so UNREAL that “Hot” does not do it justice.  To be fair, we’ve had many well-built creatures here on Hot Man Diet.  We love a muscled man, we adore a cut bod.  We revel in the Matt McConaugheys, the Gerard Butlers, the Paul Walkers, the Boris Kodjoes, because we understand how EXCEPTIONAL they are.  Eric Bana is ***bold statement alert!*** quite possibly the most exceptional of the bunch.  I’m totally cereal!  His upper body is perfection, simple perfection.  His height - 6′2″ - is ideal.  The rest is yummy goodness.  I would only consider seeing Troy Hot Man Eric Banabecause of this pic, and this is a movie that also stars Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom!  That Munich, an excellent movie on its own right, stars both Bana and Original Trifecta of Hotness member Daniel Craig means that it shall be one of those films I watch again and again, in spite of the difficult and tragic subject matter.  (If you’ve not seen it, see it SOON!  It really is a tremendous film, one of Spielberg’s best, in my humble opinion.  Not sure why it didn’t receive more attention.)  A very big HMD thank you to T. in Echo Park for Eric Bana, her Hot Manspiration of the Month.

Our next request comes from M. in Ohio: “ Dear Her Hotness -I ABSOLUTELY LOVE reading about your adventures (good Hot Man Reichen Lehmkuhlor bad) via your wonderful website.  They truly are inspirational to all!  I am attaching a photo of an amazing specimen of the male form.  I know that this man is gay, but he will make me drop my cookies anyway!  Keep the Manspirations coming!   Love ya!”  The love runs both ways, dearest, both ways.  And indeed, Reichen Lehmkuhl is Manificent.  The former Lance Bass boy toy and Amazing Race winner is also a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and an outspoken advocate for gay rights.  He is also Hot.  Look at him all preppy and smart and Hot.  Look at him all chiseled and smoldering and Hot.  He might play for the other team, but I still want to be his cheerleader!  Give me an H!  Give me an O!  Give me a T!  Give me a cold shower!!!  Give me Reichen!

Our last spot o’ Hotness goes to K. in Culver City, who is currently at the Halloween party I was supposed to be attending, probably flirting with Hot Costumed Dudes galore.  I am so jealous - I HATE being sick on the weekends!!!  But alas, here I am.  Good thing she sent me this HMD R & D to ease my Hot Man Wentworth Millersuffering - Wentworth Miller.  Hubba.  Hubba.  Hubba.  Drool.  This star of Prison Break is also a walking Benetton ad - according to his father is of African, Jamaican, English, German Jewish and Cherokee descent and his mother is of Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese descent.  People - if this is what happens when so many worlds collide, we need to get to colliding!!  Find someone from another race and procreate!  I shall lead the way.  Give me Paul Walker and a half hour and by god, I’ll do my part to Hotten the species!  If Wentworth Miller is what miscegenation brings, then bring it on!  Holy smokes, he’s beautiful.  Simply beautiful.  The lips are perfect.  The eyes are piercing and gorgeous.  The body is wonderful.  The intensity is sexy instead of off-putting, the seriousness desirable instead of stern.  The package in its entirety - Manjoyment at its best.  To K. in the CC, this Hottie’s for you! 

Hot Man Wentworth Miller

And so ends another Hot Man Diet Requests and Dedications.  Thanks again for your suggestions and support, but keep ‘em coming!  Nominate your favorite Hot Manspiration by emailing  Give me something to be thankful for come Thanksgiving!

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